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Apr 12, 2010 08:08 AM

Gaucho Gourmet Sausage

Today's Wagjag is a $30 certificate for $15 at Gaucho Gourmet. Has anyone had their sausages?

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  1. Sure, from their stall at North SLM all the time, they are very good. My family doesn't eat pork but I can say that their merguez is actually spicy, a rarity around these parts, and their turkey sausages have all been delicious.

    1. Did you end up trying it? It's on TeamBuy Today! :)

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      1. re: ekim256

        Cruds! I just signed up for team buy today. I would have definitely purchased it. The veal and spinach sausage is heavenly. Easily my favourite. The merguez is also pretty delish.

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          We tried quite a few of these the other day, and thought they were really good. The owners daughter was in the store that day, and helped me navigate through the myrad of choices. SHe was super helpful, and friendly. The sausages were great too!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Tried the following:
          Tuscany with anchovies and tomatoes
          Spicy lamb with red wine
          French with champagne
          Merguez North African Lamb
          Red Hot Chorizos

          They were all delicious! My favourite was the Merguez and then a tie between spicy lamb and red hot chorizos. Tuscany was delicious and French was a nice mild sausage. I loved them all, plus they have a hot table for lunch!
          I may have been served by the owner's daughter as well, not entirely sure. Either way, super friendly and knowledgeable and made it a pleasant experience :)

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            The English breakfast sausages are also exemplary.

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              Their smoked Mennonite sausage is very good. So is their veal with spinach and their Weisswurst. The pulled pork is not bad, although I've had better at the various ribfests.

            2. Gaucho definitely make the very best sausages in the city - the taste is remarkably superior to other shops. I usually buy the hot italian sausages and the their breakfast links. (on a side note - try out their potato salad - it is amazing!)

              The owner's daughter, Krissy - I agree is very helpful and knowledgeable. I have tried sausages from other stalls at SLM but no point, they do not even compare to gaucho sausages.