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Apr 12, 2010 07:43 AM

Good extract/flavoring selection in San Diego?

I have lived in San Diego for three years and have yet to find a grocery with a good selection of non-standard extracts or flavoring. Does anyone know of one? Currently, I am particularly looking for rum flavoring. I have previously been pretty happy with Dr. Oetker rum flavoring. Its available several places online but the cost of the shipping is always so much greater than the cost of the product that I would really like to find a place to get this (and other flavorings) locally.

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  1. Maybe try Do It With Icing in Kearny Mesa.

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    1. I know it's not reliable, for over the past few months every time I have been to Marshalls and Hoomegoods, there have been great selections of flavorings. I bought maple syrup, lime, and I am sure I saw rum. These are all natural, high quality ones.

      1. Call Major Market in Escondido and ask what they have. I've never stopped to examine the extracts as I walk by, but they seem to have a large selection that includes less famous producers.

        1. I'm really interested to know too, I get a lot of stuff from King Arthur Flour and Penzeys but its a shame there isnt much locally. I found mysellf passing through LA and I popped into Surfas, which was just an incredible store full of delights!

          KA flour often have free shipping as long as you buy enough.

          Do it with icing is exclusively artificial flavors if you dont mind that.

          I was in North Park Produce and noticed all kinds of wacky things, not sure if they have rum flavor, but they have very reasonable rose water, orange blossom water and sour cherry preserves.

          1. I'm sure Sur La Table has some but you are going to pay top dollar and then some there. What about Specialty Produce? They might have some, give them a call.

            Specialty Produce
            1929 Hancock St, San Diego, CA