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Apr 12, 2010 07:23 AM

Friendly Toast recs?

Headed to the Friendly Toast in Cambridge this week. I know the menu is extensive, but I was hoping some of you could help me by pointing me in the right direction on my final selection, I like everything, so any suggestions are helpful! I know they are known for their Almond Joy pancakes...are they really worth the calories???

The Friendly Toast
1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

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  1. I've never been to the Cambridge location, but I have enjoyed just about everything I've ever had at the Toast. My least favourite dish was the King Cakes - an Elvis sandwich in pancake form - but only because I found the chocolate chips to be overwhelming. My all time favourite item is their cayenne-cheddar bread.

    I tend to opt for their egg based breakfast selections (so I can have that toast), but a number of my friends really love the Almond Joy pancakes as well as the Carribean waffles. And honestly? The Toast is not a place to worry about calories in. (I mean, there are plenty of calories, but there's almost no point going to the Toast if you're going to get fruit salad.)

    1. While I'm very fond of pancakes/waffles/french toast, I'm not all that keen on those items at the Friendly Toast because they're too over-the-top for me - specifically, I don't actually care for the Almond Joy pancakes, which are *very* sweet. I keep meaning to try the Hansel & Gretel waffle (gingerbread!) and the Caribbean waffle (pecans in the waffle topped with caramelized bananas.) The one sweet thing I really love there is a side order of cinnamon toast made with their cinnamon-raisin bread, but overall I far prefer their savory

      I much prefer their savory offerings. In particular, BarmyFotheringayPhipps and I are both EXTREMELY fond of the Green Eggs and Ham, poached eggs on toasted anadama bread with sliced ham, topped with a delicious herbed mayonnaise sauce. Also quite good without the ham.

      As a matter of fact, we ate at the Portsmouth, NH location on Friday, and I went for something I hadn't had before - I can't recall the menu name, but it was scrambled eggs on top of chipotle-spiced mashed sweet potato, sausage patty, and cheddar-jalapeno toast, garnished with a mango mayonnaise. Very tasty indeed, although another time I think I'd actually have them hold the sausage patty or serve it on the side; it kind of got lost.

      I've also quite liked a couple of their omelets - I've had the herb one and one called New Hampshire's Finest with goat cheese, asparagus, scallions, & bacon.

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      1. re: Allstonian

        i always want to like this place more than I do. Their pancakes are too sweet for me and their portions are overwhelming. That said, I prefer their egg dishes, and agree on the Green Eggs and Ham and their toasted bread is quite good. My so and I usually order one omelet-type thing to share (I like their spicy ones) and an extra order of toast. Neither of us have ever been able to finish an individual breakfast order.

        1. re: teezeetoo

          Sharing is a great call. Their portions are very Cheesecake Factoryesque.

          I like their Huevos Rancheros.

        2. re: Allstonian

          That sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs dish is called the Ole Miss.

          And but yes, unless you're seriously into sweets, avoid the pancake/waffle options. Better to order a savory breakfast and a side of the cinnamon toast on cinnamon-raisin bread.

          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            Love the Ole Miss. Pretty spicy.

            And while I, too, find the pancakes generally too sweet, somehow the King Cakes work. Maybe the peanut butter is savory enough to balance the sweetness? The whipped cream is also excellent and clearly homemade.

            Definitely get the sausage patty instead of the bacon on the side, though. Bacon's way too thin and crispy.

            Kate's Tofu Scramble is very tasty, too. We sometime get a 1/2 order of it for our toddler. They'll do a 1/2 order of anything for kids.

            And in addition to all of the other breads already recommended, if the pizza bread is available you must try it. Lots of parmesan and oregano.

            1. re: BJK

              They do half order of the breakfasts for adults as well. I've only ordered half portions with no problems from the staff. And, it's a much more manageable plate of food.

              1. re: beetlebug

                thanks for that info! I didn't know that and it's a great option.

          2. re: Allstonian

            Like Allstonian, I also really enjoy the New Hampshire's Finest.

            My other favorite is the Mr. Haegar, a cheddar cheese melt with dill pickles, plum tomatoes, Dijon mustard, and horseradish mayonnaise. It is served on grilled oatmeal bread but I usually substitute for the cayenne cheddar bread. I also substitute the side of chips with a side of homefries.

          3. I am afraid I must join the "underwhelmed" chorus here. I would second (third?) the recc to stick with the savory side and deem the pancakes not worth the caloric hit. I would also steer clear of their coffee--cocoa seems to be of the Swiss Miss-prepared-with-water ilk despite menu claims...

            1. I usually get the basic breakfast which is eggs and toast with home fries. The anadama, cayenne cheddar, and raisin bread are all good. If you get scrambled eggs they usually give you more like 4 eggs instead of 2.

              I also liked the Mexican Mashed which Allstonian mentioned, with the mased sweet potatoes and sausage. I ate 3/4 of what they gave me and skipped lunch due to not being at all hungry.

              The food doesn't blow me away, but I enjoy going to the Toast every once in a while. And when the home fries are nice and browned and properly spiced they are delicious.

              1. I love the Almond Joy pancakes, but as it's been said in here, it's for people with a huge sweet tooth only.
                And the insane slices of Anadama toast are fantastic!