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Apr 12, 2010 07:20 AM

Drive-thrus, drive-ins and walk up windows

Hey all--

I'll be taking a road trip from Mobile to DC via Charlotte during the heat of summer and won't be able to leave my dog in my car to go eat. I wanted to know if anyone had recommendations for local, cheap drive-thrus, drive-ins or walk up windows. I will taking the following highways:

65 from Mobile to Montgomery
85 from Montgomery to Charlotte (then on to Greensboro)
29 and 360 to Richmond (or I may stay on 85 if there's good chow)
95 to DC

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  1. Definitely stop at the Varsity (world's largest drive-in, they say) in Atlanta--it's right on 85. The fried peach pie is delicious. And Biscuitville is a good North Carolina chain that usually has a drive-thru; there are several near the highway around Greensboro.

    1. BBQ King in Charlotte, NC looks like an outstanding stop. It's about 2 miles South of I 85 but does not look hard to find at all. Exit 34 at Freedom Dr. take 1st right on Ashley and go 2 miles to Hwy. 74. Take your right on 74 and BBQK is on your left right after you turn.

      1. In Montgomery, AL you could go by one of the flips here. It's a local chain that has one of the better gyros in the area, great tzatziki, a killer breakfast biscuit sandwich(huge biscuit- omelet, bacon, cheese) you can get a breakfast burrito there, but ask for them to load it down with gyro meat instead of sausage- and load down the tzatziki- they do a great greek salad. They have a blue plate special (meat and three). They have fried zuccini spears / fried mushrooms that are again, good with the tzatziki instead of the ranch. I don't much like their hamburgers, fish and chips isn't their strong point- good shakes. Check out their specials and menu here: