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Apr 12, 2010 07:12 AM

Something quick and easy to grab for lunch in Stamford?

I am working in Stamford on the weekends and am not familiar with the area. I need something quick to grab because I work on an ambulance and don't typically have a lot of time to sit and eat. I've decided I have got to try Colony for dinner, but what to have for lunch? Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. The big yellow truck has the best mexican in the area on west main next to jackie robinson park. jfood also recommends Giovannis on north street just off washington.

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      If I recall correctly, the aforementioned big yellow truck is called El Charrito, and it is delicious and authentic mexican. (think soft corn tortillas with meat/onions/cilantro, not cheese-smothered hard shells)

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        Had El Charrito for lunch--so good & prices were great. Very friendly people, too. Looking forward to trying other recs soon! Thanks Jfood and cardiak for this one!

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          if you like latin food look for some of the threads with adamclyde's input. he is the resident guru of latin in these parts. glad you enjoyed it

    2. the arabic chicken schwarma at layla's falafel is phenominal. 2 locations- high ridge road and also downtown

      1. I've recently discovered the Mia salad at Capriccio's on Bedford Street. Great to-go dish.

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          Also noticed a very cool-looking diner, looked like a Johnny Rocket, but was not...right next to Capriccio's. Name is escaping me, but wondered if anyone who knows what I'm talking about had feedback?

        2. The Lomo Saltado from Fiesta (Peruvian) on Atlantic street has been satisfying as a to-go dish as well.

          1. Check out Katie's (on Bank St) daily specials and bargain meals. As opposed to most takeout places (tho they do have some seating), Phil is great on ingredients and improvisation. They also have a surprisingly a tasty hot dog and hamburger cheap. Get there before noon when the place becomes a bit of a mad house and nothing is "quick or easy.". It's also the best way to avoid a Frank Gifford sighting.