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Apr 12, 2010 07:03 AM

Seafood Markets in St. Petersburg?

Any recommendations for good places to get fresh seafood with good variety in St. Petersburg? I like IC Sharks on Gandy but it's a little bit of a drive and hoping for something more central.

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  1. I like Save-On Seafood in south St. Pete, but you have to go early on Monday mornings to get the best picks. How can you not love Triggerfish for .99 per lb?!?

    1. Tell us where you are located as that might help us recommend something for you please.

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      1. re: RibDog

        I'm near 16th St. N. and 54th Ave. N. I'm interested in trying most anywhere in St. Pete that might be worth a trip. I generally go to IC Sharks since the demise of Trappman's.
        Thanks in advance for any ideas.

        1. re: fdobbs1

          I agree about Trappman's, I miss them too. Save on Seafood is good. Give it a try sometime. It is actually a little farther than IC Sharks is from you but could have better prices.

          Another place that has fresh fish is Mastry's Tackle shop on 4th St. S. They are not actually a seafood shop but they sometimes have some really good fish.

          There is also Mid-Peninsula Seafood on 49th st. s around 6th ave s. But they are a combination seafood market and restaurant. Pick your seafood out and they will cook it up for you however you like.

          1. re: RibDog

            Thanks for the suggestions RibDog. I'll give some of them a try. I do frequent Mid-Peninsula and really enjoy their food when I'm in the mood for old style Florida seafood. Really like the owners and staff there as well.

      2. Hey Mr Dobbs! I always recommend Mastry's on 4th St S. They bring in fresh fish daily and have great deals on frozen including jumbo shrimp, a 5# bag for $50...these are going fast!!!