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Apr 12, 2010 06:51 AM

Visitor from Toronto-seeking recommendations in Novi, MI

Traveling to Novi, MI for business. I am looking for dinner recommendations for two nights-Thursday and Friday night.

For Thursday, I'd like something pretty low key as I will be driving in from Toronto and then attending a meeting so long work day means nothing too fancy.

I've read good things about Diamond Jim's would this fit the bill? What about Tomatoes Apizza?

For Friday night, I'd like a recommendation for something a little nicer, is NO VI chophouse any good? My husband would like an excellent traditional steak dinner.

Thanks in advance.

Tomatoes Apizza
29275 14 Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI

Diamond Jim's
210 S Main St Ste 1, Crown Point, IN 46307

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  1. Pizza on Thu and beef @ DJB's on Friday is a good plan.

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    1. re: rainsux

      what is the BEST of novi? anything unique-cannot be missed?

      1. re: xiolablue

        DJB's is that place!

        Be aware I would not say DJB's is a place I would have a business meeting if that meeting required any reading. It would be easy to say "Damn this place is dark!". Great date night spot, great food and great staff.

        As for the Steak...No Problem!

        1. re: JanPrimus

          OK thanks JanPrimus-can you recommend anything good within walking distance of the STAYBRIDGES suites?
          anything but sushi really.

          1. re: xiolablue

            If this is the one at Grand River & Beck there isn't much but chains within walking distance. If you had been looking for breakfast and/or lunch I would suggest Leo's Coney Island or Olga's, two (mostly) local chains. For dinner, you're gonna need transportation. Though if you want to work up an appetite, DJBs would be about a 2-mile walk each way.

            1. re: gooddog

              awesome-thanks for everyone's help.
              I will be sure to report back.

    2. As others have said, DJB's will *absolutely* fit the bill.

      If your husband wants a great steak, have no fear: Mary Brady's filet mignon there singlehandedly redeemed that cut of beef for me out in the wild world of restaurants. It's fantastic, and served with butternut squash ravioli and a veg. I think it's the most expensive item on the menu ($27), but it's totally worth it, and considering that it comes with their salad, bread, and the aforementioned accoutrements, I think it's more than fair. Service should be great, as well.

      I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying their time at DJB.

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      1. re: boagman

        Based on your guys' recommendations, I went to DJB's on a recent Saturday for lunch. I had shepherd's pie and I must say that it was flawless. But, the other person with me received a very average pub meal. Lame seasoned curly fries and frozen factory breaded chicken from the deep fryer, plus weak bread. I loved the bar, and the house rose' (hey, it's a bistro so don't make fun of rose') was good, particularly for the price. Nevertheless, I think there is a more than remote chance that someone could have a DJB experience comparable to Bennigan's, if they were unlucky. I still like the recommendation, but it may need to come with some cautions and additional guideposts (such as boagman's filet mignon).
        PS--thanks again for the tip, because I very much enjoyed my shepherd's pie.
        PPS--Wouldn't Bistecca be no further than Tomatoes Apizza? (I'm not a West-sider, but that place gets a lot of props on this board, so maybe one of its fans will speak up.)

        1. re: vtombrown

          Glad you liked it! What's really funny is that, I've had that same shepherd's pie, and thought it wasn't one of their better offerings. That filet, though...that's some good, good stuff. To be honest, I've never had their normal sandwich-with-fries offerings, and so it's possible that it might not be that great. Still, though, I find it dicey to evaluate *any* establishment based on a breaded-and-fried chicken sandwich. If they have a specialty, or something they really claim to be good at (as their own), always go with that and see what they come up with. If I'm not having the filet, I'm usually ordering off of the specials menu, and I don't think I've ever had a bad meal there, ever. The servers absolutely know what the specials are, too, since they get served some to try before they work so that they can properly relate to customers what the dish is like, what's in it, etc. Isn't that novel? I think that's terrific. Servers with knowledge, and ability.

          Definitely try the filet, and any of their fish specials. I'm not saying that the kitchen never makes a mistake...I *am* saying that if they do, they'll make things right by you. Count on it.

          1. re: boagman

            vtombrown, your experience at diamond jim's mirrored mine-my husband's steak with squash ravioli was outstanding, i chose to order wings and the irish nachos and came away thinking-"average pub food"

            that being said-service incredible, beer selection good, it is VERY dark in there but for all the other options available in the area, it wasn't bad

            1. re: xiolablue

              xiolablue, I'm happy your research turning up rainsux/JanPrimus' place and boagman's beef rec did your husband right. Don't forget to post about tonight's dinner. Hopefully you both will get a nice send-off. It's a challenge to find something in just one area of our city, that isn't available at least somewhere in your whole city of Toronto.