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Apr 12, 2010 06:48 AM

produce store at Queen and Euclid closing

I just heard from a neighbour that the produce store at Queen and Euclid is closing! This store is such a great place, it will be missed enormously. I shop there almost every day. The produce is always fresh, the staff are friendly, the flowers are beautiful. I am so upset. Even the restaurants in the area shop here. They have spoiled me for all other produce. Their green beans are perfect - I think they pick them over obsessively so there are NEVER any wrinkly or brown ends, they are laid out perfectly parallel. Every time I look at beans anywhere else they look like they're ready for the compost in comparison.

The rumour is that David's Shoes is taking over their store front and Heel Boy next door. I will miss Heel Boy almost as much. How often can you go the the corner for some salad greens (ALWAYS perfect never any rotten bits) and come home with a great pair of boots?

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  1. Whaaaat what what what? Is this the place on the north side of Queen St?

    1. You've got to be kidding! Where are we going to shop for fresh veggies in the neighbourhood? The store on the south side has terrible, old stuff ... is this another victim of the ridiculously high rents on Queen West? They're killing our neighbourhood.

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        Does this mean that the closest places with generally edible produce will now be the shops on College or Kitchen Table near King/Bathurst? Are there any other small places? This really is devastating.

        (Heel Boy is relocating to another spot on Queen W, not closing, just before that panic starts.)

        1. re: MattB

          I spoke to the owner and she said it's a new landlord and they were just given notice that they were to vacate by the end of June. Commercial tenants really have no rights, unfortunately. She seemed to be in shock and really didn't know f they would re-open in the neighbourhood. There are lots of vacant store fronts on Dundas, I hope they will stay in the 'hood.

          1. re: crawfish

            That's horrible. I really hope they are able to relocate. Maybe to Ossington? There's always talk of needing a grocery store in the area.

        2. oh no! they had the best local apples in the nabe. i don't like this news...

          1. I used to live just north of Queen on Euclid and that produce shop was the best. The staff were always super nice and I stopped there at least five times every week. I'm sad to hear this even though I don't live in the area anymore =(

            1. That is too bad. Its called Square Fruit Market, by the way.