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What to do with sushi rice (besides sushi)

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I made some sushi rice last week just to try something different and I loved it. I like the sticky, chewy texture more than regular old long grain rice, at least for a change.

How can I use the sushi rice? I think I'd really love some sushi rice with a good simple dipping sauces as a cheap and filling meal.

(also, is it similar nutritionally to regular white rice?).


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  1. Make Inari (football sushi).
    Get fried bean curd pouches and stuff them with the rice.

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      Thanks. I will see if I can find the bean curd pouches at the local coop.

      any other suggestions?

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        To make risotto with sushi rice, do you need to wash the rice first? I always wash sushi rice in general before making it. Same question using it for paella -- is washing necessary?

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          I always wash my rice, all types. Not sure what the official line is, or the science behind it, but it's just habit for me.

      2. rice pudding, fried stuffed rice balls and can be used in a stuffing for pork or beef

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          Rice pudding is awesome with sushi rice!

        2. the rice used to make sushi rice is just "regular white rice" (short grain). there are technically different varieties but you can use anything labeled "sushi rice" to make any of thousands of japanese, korean, chinese or other asian dishes which can be served with regular short-grain rice.

          1. Day old rice makes good fried rice.

            1. I cooked sushi rice last night like I would cook regular long grain white rice. I spread it out on a large platter and arranged sesame crusted seared tuna and avocado on top of it. Drizzed some soy sauce and lime juice on the top. Excellent and simple meal.

              1. We often use sushi rice for paella. I use Mark Bittman's vegetarian recipe with relatively great success several times a month.

                  1. Sushi Roll Rice Salad. I really liked this recipe.


                    1. Any short grain rice could be called "Sushi" rice. It's simply a rice with a high starch content that cooks up into a sticky mass. You can cook it, roll it into logs or balls and fry it in oil (deep fryer if you like) and if you add herbs, seasonings or other ingredients to the mix you'll have a tasty starch to add a unique element to your meals. It makes great rice pudding, rice custards and rice flour (if you have a flour mill or grinder to grind the raw uncooked rice).

                      1. Maybe too close to sushi but I use sushi rice to make sushi balls from my daughter's preschool snack week. I mix torn smoked salmon, sweet rice vinegar, and then cut up pieces of seaweed. Roll them all up in balls. Not too great after being in the fridge but ok if you get them to room temp.

                        1. One suggestion - if special sushi rice is expensive, try short grain rice - you get the chewy sticky texture without the speciality food price.

                          Try rice bowls. Cook the rice, and top with whatever seems a good idea - for Japanese style, saute thinly slice beef or pork and onion with ginger, soy sauce and Mirin.

                          Bibimbap is the Korean version. Top your rice with cooked marinated beef, kimchi, shredded carrot, steamed spinach or other greens, bean sprouts, fried egg, etc. A classic version is served in a heated stone bowl, which makes the rice go all crunch on the bottom, and has an an egg cracked on the top right at the end. You season it with Korean fermented pepper paste.

                          Get some Japanese rice seasonings - usually it's a mix of toasted seaweed (like they use in sushi), toasted sesame seeds and other seasonings. Or simply toasted black sesame seeds and salt (in Japan they say 'salt and sesame hair' rather than 'salt and pepper' for someone starting to go grey.