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Apr 12, 2010 04:35 AM

King Restaurant Falafel - W. Roxbury

We were in W. Roxbury on Sat. and noticed a new Lebanese place where Samia's used to be. Tried the falafel. They press the wraps in a sandwich press, which crisped up the pita and wilted the lettuce, neither of which I viewed as a plus. The falafel itself was a bit heavy handed with the coriander, but had a reasonable texture. The sandwich was also overly packed with soggy dill pickle strips, which gave the sandwich an overall vinegary taste and completely covered up any vestige of the tahini sauce. I don't know how the kebab and other meat offerings may be, although I noticed that all sandwiches were being subjected to the aforementioned pressing, so maybe plates would be the way to go here.

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  1. the Shawarma is pretty decent. I actually enjoy the crispness of the pita. I do think they put to much sauce on though, but the vegetables are fresh, albiet soggy from too much sauce, every time i have gotten it.

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    1. re: hynespb

      Its no Samia's, I'll say that.
      For unlcear reasons, I tried the grilled sausage plate last time I went there and thought it was terrible. Not a fan of some of the spicing on the skewered meats either.

      1. re: Cork

        I know - I really miss Samia's...

      2. re: hynespb

        I like the pressing aspect too and agree that there was too much sauce This after asking for "light on the tahini". I'll give them another shot at some point, nice guys working there when I went.

        1. re: Joanie

          Nice, but I have to agree. I wasn't crazy about the shawarma.