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What to do with lemon extract?

I have a bottle of lemon extract that I've had for a year but have yet to use. Does anyone have any favorite recipes that use lemon extract that I can try?

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  1. Alton Brown's angel food cake recipe.

    1. No recipes off the top of my head but it can be used in cakes, cookies, pie fillings, i.e custard, creme, etc.; creme brulee, sauces, etc. Add a drop in hollandaise

      1. My favorite sugar cookie recipe uses a tiny bit of lemon extract. Also used in, well, all lemon baking - as pp said cakes, cookies, pies, etc. Depends on what you like I guess.

        1. http://www.recipezaar.com/recipe/7-Up...

          7-up cake uses 2 tablespoons of lemon extract. It's a bundt cake that is a lemony pound cake. I make it alot, so I buy lemon extract by the huge bottle from Penzeys. I never make the glaze.

          1. Pizelles, but I like them with a combo of anise and lemon extracts.

            1. Cocktails, smoothies, add to plain yogurt, homemade ice cream, sorbet or gelato.

              1. Thanks for all the ideas so far. Has anyone tried substituting extract for lemon zest or lemon juice? Does the flavor come out the same? If you have subbed, how much extract for how much zest/juice?

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                  hi seconds, zest & juice are a softer taste. Extracts pack an intended punch. Unless your lemon extract is processed for lightness, I would tend to use extracts to highten a specific lemon flavor and zests/juice to highten OTHER flavors in a recipe.

                2. I use a little when making whipped cream, especially with strawberry shortcake. The lemon adds a great element in this pairing!

                  1. Hi seconds,

                    Get out that trusty blender. Then, into a mixture of buttermilk, regular milk, vanilla extract and sugar (or perhaps some really good vanilla ice cream instead of those last two ingredients) add a few drops of lemon extract and blend.

                    The resulting buttermilk milkshake will taste like liquid cheesecake.



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