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Apr 11, 2010 09:05 PM

San Luis Potosi

I have not found any good restaurants in the City of San Luis Potosi and would appreciate any recommendations.

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  1. Try the fonditas in REAL DE 14 ! Excellent food

    1. I highly recommend El Callejón de San Francisco (across the street from the Templo de San Francisco—but on a side street, not on the main plaza/boulevard). If the weather is nice, eat in/on the rooftop garden—great views. The restaurant offers a mixed plate of Potosino appetizers which gives you a good idea of the types of regional cooking and dishes of the area. They also (for reasons unknown) make a very good Tarascan soup.

      1. El Rincón Huasteco. Breakfast at Woolworth´s, yes, it was a nice surprise, we didin´t expect it to be so good, so Mexican and original.... And "bueno, bonito and barato" (...and fast and clean) Cafetería Tokio.

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          There is a Woolworths in SLP? I plan to visit there this summer. Might try that, just to see what a Mexican Woolworths looks like. Er, tastes like. Last time I ate in Woolworths was San Francisco in the '80s (real good hot dogs). As a teen I was partial to the grilled cheese sans.

        2. You know i Wrote something so long and complicated for directions... and since i do not know street names lol. i am just going to navigate the streets with google maps and show u. i love my dads city and every 2 mths i am there. but things are just not done how it is in america. we usually identify everything with plazas or centrally located buildings hotels churches etc. but yes woolworths and sears in downtown. walmart by industrial and by the new casino that opened and 2012 .... walmart homedepot, etc. we have all the subway and dominos kfc starbuks baskin robbins. name it we have it lol :). investors love san luis.

          for tacos all over san luis... go to the stands outside. look at how clean the guy is... look at how he cooks his meat, and always ask him too make it extra well done. i always do! and i only ever eat tacos de bistec... got so sik 6 yrs ago for two mths wen i ate a ham torta lol. and remember if theyre are a lot of people waiting wait too u no they are good

          for omg delicious gorditas.... the best place to go like every potosina knows is Morales. they're are blocks of resturants take ur pic. the gorditas are 50 cents each a yr ago wen i was in mexico

          for the best tortas newhere go to the down town mexico. on the main street where the buses and the parque tangamanga. it is called los vikings tortas. get the milanesa one omg so delicious

          enchiladas potosinas... go to the market in downtown and get some bring them home freeze it give it to family. it goes thru customs. i buy 500 for 50 buks.... trust me it is expected to by all my fam to bring sum bak.

          here are the google maps i hope i helped a little....ok these are for the tortas it is by the yellow ice cream shop they are good too but my favorite is past plaza del carmen theyre r two next to eachother they r awsum. so it is the 4th building . 405 manuel jose othon

          sorry the others i just cudnt find trust me tell the taxi to take u to colonia morales for gorditas he will no wut u r talking bout lol.