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Apr 11, 2010 09:03 PM

Does Au Levain de Marais still exist?

We have a guidebook that gives 32 Rue de Turenne, Paris as the address of the much-loved bakery/patisserie Au Levain de Marais, but! Google [Maps] seems to think that the resident at that address is Le Moulin de Rosa.

We're inconsolable; we're planning a trip to Paris and Au Levain de Marais particularly caught our attention as a must-visit.

Does anyone know what the real situation is? Many many thanks!

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  1. When I was staying right near there last May, it had changed name and ownership but was still a going again next week and would love to know the status!

    1. Nope! It's changed hands and is no longer the wonderful bakery it once was. BUT-- just up the street (ok, a 20 minute walk or so) is Du Pain et Des Idees. Open only on weekdays but a must try.

      1. Au Levain de Marais DOES exist at 28, Boulevard Beaumarchais, half way between Metro stops Chemin Vert and Bastille. It is on the northeast corner of Blvd. Beaumarchais and Rue du Pasteur Wagner.

        I just came from there (Fri. 23 April 2010) and the croissants are truly fantastic!

        1. David Lebovitz calls Au Levain du Marais "the best croissant in Paris," at the following address.

          I'm going in September, to this address:
          28, Blvd Beaumarchais (11th)
          Tél: 01 48 05 17 14
          (Closed Tuesday and Wednesday)
          Métro: Bastille or Chemin Vert

          1. I want to revive this thread. We visited both 32 Rue de Turenne, which is indeed Le Moulin de Rosa AND 28 Boulevard Beaumarchais, where I could not find a single sign saying "Au Levain du Marais." Despite speaking French, I was too shy to ask. Having said that, the croissants at Le Moulin de Rosa were much better than those at 28. (Neither were extraordinary.)

            Now, where I DID get an excellent pain au chocolat (and an even better baguette for lunch) was at 92 ave de la République, which I think is the HQ of Philippe Marache. I couldn't tell if the croissants were made on the premises.