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Apr 11, 2010 09:02 PM

Moderately priced delivery or takeout for a large group in SF

I have a dinner event coming up for about 30 people for which I need to choose a restaurant in San Francisco. I would definitely prefer to find a place that will deliver but if need be I could do takeout if absolutely necessary. Aiming to spend about $20 per head (not including drinks) but am slightly flexible and could bump it up a tad for the right place. Priorities are

1. RELIABLE, timely delivery service.

2. Good food, preferably something that can be served somewhat family style.

3. If possible, I think I'd prefer a Japanese place for this group but I am definitely willing to go in a different direction if that would be better. Nothing super exotic as I need to keep 30 people with the whole spectrum of palates happy.

My first thought was to order from Lers Ros Thai but I've never ordered delivery from them and there are too many horror stories on yelp about their delivery service being unreliable (see priority number one).

I'm willing to do a delivery service like Waiters on Wheels or something like (suggestions for delivery service also appreciated) if necessary but I think it might be tough on my budget since their fees are so high.

Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.


Lers Ros Thai
730 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA

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  1. I've never tried them for catering, but I vaguely remember Delica as having catering menus in that price range.

    Also, Cane Rosso does 3 course dinners for $25/pp. Don't know if they deliver. Probably too limited for you, but I thought I would throw it out there.

    1 Ferry Bldg, San Francisco, CA

    1. How about Truly Mediterranean as it seems to be a popular board rec for inexpenive eats? Don't know about delivery but website refers to "catering". You can ask & at the least, everything should be packaged neatly & ready to go. Usually on the lesser expensive side & holding well to reheating is Indian...just a thought.

      I guess the "nothing super exotic" depends on your crowd as Japanese & Thai to a lesser extent would be just this for my group :)

      Truly Mediterranean
      3109 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

      1. My office recently had food brought in from Memphis Minnie's and it was delicious. A few different kinds of meat (served off the bone, easy to serve/eat), with a variety of sauces, cornbread, salad. I'd never been to MM before but this registered very favorably with me and pretty much everyone I talked to.

        1. Thanks everyone for the replies

          Memphis Minnie's could be a good choice. We had an office party from there a few months ago and it was pretty popular. I'll give them a call and see about delivery options.

          Lers Ros would definitely have been pushing it for the picky eaters but the food is so good I'd be willing to overlook that. Not confident in the delivery or large or service though unfortunately.

          Keep it coming!

          1. My first question would be how casual or un-casual do you want it to be? Family style usually leads more to the casual but any more sepcifics would be helpful - here are some thoughts.

            Memphis Minnie's didn't deliver if I remember correctly and, while I love it and it works very well for my office environment, I don't know if it would keep all palates happy. Big Nates does deliver, but I don't think the food is as good.
            Truly Mediterrean - I did an event using their food a few years ago and heard wonderful about it.
            If you were thinking casual, I have had very good luck with El Balazo bringing in Mexican food - they do two or three choices per person and it is around $11 a head.
            Also for lots of tastes, Asqew Grill works well, you can order a few large platters of their sides and get in skewers of all different types of meat.