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Need help on buying oven thermometer and candy thermometer

I need to buy oven thermometer and candy thermometer. Does anyone know any brand that is good? Please let me know. I just dont want to spend the money on the ones that end up not working very well. thanks!

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  1. Taylor makes relatively decent thermometers in a fairly wide price range. Their candy thermometer is a classic, but I like the one from MIU better:



    Avoid the glass candy thermometers, they break easily. Make sure to get one that clips onto your pot.

    Oven thermometers range from the very inexpensive variety that hang on the oven rack to higher priced models that clip, hang or stand on the rack. Talyor again makes decent ones across the board. The more you spend, the longer they'll last, and hopefully be pretty accurate. I've had some cheap (under $5) models that lasted a month, and a Oxo Good Grips model ($15) that clipped onto the rack; it fell off the rack after short period of time, the glass broke and that was that. Now I prefer the models that hang from the rack.

    Get one that clips, hangs or stands, as I said, and with a numbered dial that's big enough to read from outside the oven (important!); I have this one now and it's been cranking for 1/12 years with no problems:


    Here's another lower-priced option that seems good, with a large dial:

    I'm not pimping Amazon as the place where you should purchase your thermometers; the links are more to show you what I consider to be the decent brands/models for candy and oven temping. Other posters may have more/different suggestions. You may be able to get them slightly cheaper elsewhere, as Taylor is sold in major hardware/home improvement stores, as well as at kitchen supply sites, like www.cooking.com online.

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      I used to have those candy thermometers, but didn't like it because sometimes I wasn't cooking enough syrup to get far enough up the thermometer to get an accurate reading. I bought the one that Alton Brown uses with the white box on top of the proble with a metal cover and a clip. It works great on even the smallest bit of liquid. I couldn't find a link to it, but maybe you can search on food network.

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        Is this the one? 8 inch probe, digital, pot clip, nice for smaller amounts, unfortunately beyond my budget.

        http://www.foodnetworkstore.com/p-201... matchall&Ns=SortByAll|1||SubClass||BrandName||ProductGroupName||Price||Color&Nty=1&Ntk=All

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          yep-that's it. IMO, worth the extra money because I had 2 of the other kind and never liked them. I should have saved my dough and bought this one at the start. Of course, if it's not in your budget, you obviously shouldn't spend the money. I'm sure the others will do you just fine. One tip for you - if you're doing a small amount of syrup, use the smallest pan possible (hard for caramel which bubbles when you add the dairy, but usefull for the most accurate reading).

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            I only make BIG batches of caramel;-). Anyway, I will remember your recommendation and pass it on to others, if asked for advice. Thanks.

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          Hi jenhen2, could you provide the name of the thermometer that you bought? I'm on the hunt to replace my old school candy/deep fry thermometer (don't have the name of it because I threw it out when it exploded during a candy making situation!) . Thx!

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              Yeah, my bad. Too impatient to continue readying. Saw the earlier post but thanks for reposting, again.

      2. Second vote for Taylor. I use the oven thermometer and deep fry/candy thermometer from Taylor, both great. I have used other brands in the past but never been as happy as I am with Taylor

        1. i use a taylor wine thermometer for candy making, i only got this one cause of the price, but it goes up to 500 degrees and is digital, no clip to attach it to the pan, but that is a minor hinderance to me, i am sure it is the same as the taylor candy thermometer.

          1. I'm using oven thermometer and candy thermometer no brand, but i am satisfied with the quality.


            I recommends them to you

            1. I use the same remote probe thermometer for oven and stove top. It works great for candy, no more guessing if I am reading the scale right. I can set the alarm to let me know just before it reaches temp.
              I even use it, when I am busy, to boil water. I put the probe in the water and set the alarm for 210F and never have to deal with pots boiling over.

              1. Cook's Illustrated likes the CDN DTTC-S Combo Probe Thermometer Timer & Clock at $23.00. for the candy thermometer.

                Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Component-Desig...

                For the oven thermometer they like 2 brands:

                CDN MOT1 Multi-Mount Oven Thermometer at $12.59

                Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Component-Desig...

                Maverick Oven-Chek Large Dial Oven Thermometer at $12.98


                They also highly recommend you "map your broiler". Your oven broiler will most likely produce uneven results with hot spots. They recommend you put a baking sheet of bread under the broiler and not which pieces get brown first. Those are the hot spots.

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                  Good to know, I wondered about CDN and Maverick products.

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                    Going to try Cooper-Atkins oven thermometer. Seems it was higher rated than the CDN or Marerick possibly. Read this somewhere. Temp numbers are a little small but thermometer is suppose to be very dependable and is stainless steel. Found one Wasserstrom. Price for it was great but their shipping I felt was a little ridiculous since it just arrived in a manila envelope. The thermometer is not available in a lot of stores which eliminates finding a real cheap total price cost.

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                      Does anybody own the Cooper-Atkins oven thermometer? How durable is it, and does it remain accurate?

                      Cook's Illustrated did a more recent equipment review with oven thermometers, and the Cooper-Atkins is their new favorite. The CDN Mulit-mount which was their favorite last time is now only their fourth top choice out of five thermometers tested and is now recommended with reservations.

                      The Cooper Atkins is cheaper than the other thermometers so I'm curious about the quality of the piece. Even then, as Tinker mentioned, you'll pay shipping and handling for Cooper Atkins which means you'll end up paying just as much for it as you would have for the other thermometers.

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                        I'm curious about this too. I cant find them online anywhere. Do they go by a different name?