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Tramontina Tri-ply cookware...an ATK top choice.

Just purchased the 10 pc. set thru walmart.com and I gotta say.... I love the stuff!! Used it 6-7 times in the 4 days we've had it. Heats beautifully on my glass top electric stove and as long as you follow the instructions abt. cooking no higher than med/ med hot, cleans up as easy as nonstick. Ordered it on Monday and opted for the cheap-o shipping ($4.97) and it arrived on Wednesday!! Never even been inside a Walmart, but I got to give them Kudos. BTW, they are the only retailer offering this particular set (a 2 qt.& 3 qt saucepan w/ lids, an 8 and a 10 inch sautee pan, and a 5 qt. covered Dutch oven. Apparently they listened to ATK's minor complaint about the 1 1/2 qt. & 2 qt. saucepans and upgraded the sizes. For $ 173.00 incl. tax and shipping, I am very satisfied. No, I don't shill for Walmart...I even watched that documentary a few yrs. back ,"the high cost of the low price" or sumpthin' and vowed I'd never shop there, but..... they've done wonders as far as going "green-ish" and stocking organic foods and for many peeps, it's walmart for their primary grocery source. (SO-O-O glad I live in the Bay Area where most Wallys can't even SELL groceries-some kinda union thing...) Anyone else out there have this cookware? Tips, techniques, feedback would be appreciated. I've put it in the dishwasher (Bosch- no heat on dry cycle) and it's come out gorgeous so far. Should I continue doing that?
TIA, adam

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  1. Adam,

    Very happy for you. I heard very good things about the Tramontina Triply cookware from multiple sources. As far as I know, Tramontina stainless steel cookware are dishwasher safe. I don't know if this is the first stainless steel cookware you have. If so, you will eventually encounter certain bluish/ranbow stains in them. It is very normal. They can be removed using acidic solutions, such as Bar Keeper's Friend or vinegar. I don't think Walmart is as bad as the "documentary" claims, but that is another topic. Best.

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      Being a barkeep in a former life, I'm well acquainted w/ Barkeepers Friend. Can't say enough good things about it. A great product for stainless as well as many other apps.

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        :) Didn't mean to step into your territory. Just wasn't sure if you ran into the bluish taint situation. Best wishes to your new cookware.

    2. I have some of their pieces - been very happy. I wish the sautee pans had lids. If anyone know of lids that i could buy from a different manufactuer that would fit Tramontina - I would appreciate it.

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        I once bought a generic 10" lid at now-defunct Bradlee's, which is like Kohl's. I have a motley crew of cookware and find that the lids are interchangeable - it appears to me that you can mix and match many manufacturer's lids. Jot down your diameters, then look in department and thrift stores.

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          I lucked out... my old lids from my Kirkland Signature cookware fit perfectly on my sautee pans, but I usually find that I dont need lids for sauteeing unless I'm trying to do a grilled cheese sandwich or finish a saltimbocca. In that case, I'll use a plate or larger skillet in lieu of a "proper" lid. adam

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          Jmax, Nordicware has SS lids in several sizes. I saw it at my local cookware shop in person. It is not heavy but looks good enough and the price is modest.

        3. I have several pieces of the Tramontina tri-ply. I started with a set (smaller saucepan sizes but that was not an issue for me as I use both 1 qt and 2 qt, and have AC 4qt if I need bigger) and I feel so in love that I bought a second set for a second kitchen. Since then I have acquired thejumbo saute pan and the 4 qt casserole pan, both of which I love. I also have several pieces of AC stainless steel and I can't identify any difference in construction, beauty or performance between these two lines. As CK says, and you already know, BK Friend takes care of any minor clean up issues. I do not use a dishwasher and probably never will so I can't say whether there will be a long term detrimental effect from the dishwasher but I suspect not. After all, AC says all of its SS line is completely dishwasher safe so I don't think Tramontina would be any different.

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            do you find that the straight sides on the Trimontina messy to pour from? I have had straight sided SS for over 30 years and they have always been very messy to pour from. I really like the Trimontina (I have a 12qt stockpot. Its great) but I think I would rather have a "pour friendly rim"

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              One quick option for outfitting a kitchen would be to buy the Tramontina set (fully clad tri-ply) and the X-piece Cuisinart Chef's Classic set (disk base).

              Sell the Cuisinart skillets (tri-ply much better than disk) and the Tramontina 3-qt saucepan (dimensions too tall, no pouring rim), and you have a set that covers all bases with materials appropriate to use: disk-base saute pan, saucepans, and stock pot; fully clad skillets and one fully clad saucepan (with open dimensions and even heat distribution that make it a decent "saucier" for rice, polenta, risotto, sauces), and a clad soup pot that is heavy enough to serve as a Dutch oven in the absence of an enameled cast iron one.

          2. After having read here and on other posts the good words about Tramontina Triply cookware, I bought a 3 quart saucepan today. The finish is nice, the pan has a good balance, and the handle is very comfortable. I used it tonight to cook pasta sauce, and it seems to heat evenly. This is very impressive cookware--and particularly impressive for the price. I own several All-Clad pieces, and one Cuisinox elite sauce pan, and this holds its own against both.

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              Congratulations on the acquisition! I am still loving my Tramontina as well and I use the All Clad and Tramontina interchangeably. No difference between the two.

            2. Man oh man, if I had to replace the stuff I've acquired over the years, this is an unbeatable bargain for a very nice selection of pieces: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Tramontina-...

              1. About the time my husband and I (and our friends) got more interested in all-things-cooking, I knew I needed to upgrade our cookware from the cheap hodgepodge we had accumulated. I did the research, popped into Walmart to check out the highly praised Tramontina then raced home to order the 10-pc. set. We love every piece in the set! The quality is second to none and it's given us the confidence to hone our cooking skills (instead of blaming *that dang pan!*)

                Now that we got all confident with the pans and cooking and everything, we decided we'd be even better! if we upgraded the appliances to umm, more professional. Like the gas cooktop and better wall oven. And of course the refrigerator to hold the fresh food we'd need to have on hand to put in those great pans on top of the cooktop.

                Even though we needed to upgrade the dishwasher too, I don't put the Tramontina in it. I do wait for the pans to cool before I hand wash them but I haven't had any serious issue with sticking. I use BarKeepers Friend as well.

                We loved those pans so much we really wanted to SEE them better too. So we hung them from an old garden gate-turned pot rack so they're really handy to USE! It's fun to "shop" for the perfect size pan.

                I'm not suggesting this Tramontina Tri-Ply set is so good it prompted a kitchen overhaul. But that's pretty much what happened. :)

                Congratulations on a great purchase! With all the money you saved, now you too can upgrade your kitchen. ha!ha!

                1. Originally settled on Tramontina because of the review at Cook's Illustrated. Have been using it for about seven months now and I'm still awed at how good the pans are. Originally got the eight piece set on e-bay (saved about forty bucks), and have had such a great time filling out with other pieces, again on e-bay. Be careful, tramintina also sells clad bottom pieces, which I avoid because I have not had such great luck with in other brands (Emeril). Stick with the 18/10 tri-ply.
                  I have filled out my pans with a CI fry pan ans a few non-sticks ( I like analon) but my heart is still with the tramontina. Beautiful to see and to use, easy to clean. No down-side that I have found yet.
                  BTW, the advice about barkeepers friend is right on the money. I bought my first can on-line and GROSSLY overpaid ($6 I think), but even then, it was WORTH it. Great job on the stainless and also on my glass-top. Gotten smarter ( 'bout this " much) in my old age. BkF is about $2 at my Home Depot, and is available other places too. It's also a fabulous copper cleaner.
                  Have had such a blast cooking with the pans that I moved-up to some classic Wusthof knives to replace my 'Tools of the Trade 14 Piece Set" (I'm a little embarassed to admit). Limited myself to 8" Chef, 8" Slicer, 6" Boning and 3.5" paring knife. What a difference, and I haven't even lost any digits yet! And such fun searching e-bay, Home Goods, etc. Danged pans will be the death of me yet!
                  Hope you will enjoy yours as much as I have. Enjoy!

                  1. Anyone know if the Tramontina Tri-ply is broiler safe? It says up to 450 but the All Clad stainless is broiler safe and this seems identical in other ways...

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                      I can't see why it wouldn't be - no plastic handles or coatings, its stainless and aluminum.. what's going to melt?