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Apr 11, 2010 04:53 PM

Fort Worth weekend help

Looking for two recomendations for can't miss dinner places next weekend in Fort Worth. Last visit was a few years ago, enjoyed Lanny's;Duce and Lonesome Dove then and wouldn't mind repeating but were wondering if anything new has appeared in the interim Staying in downtown area but will have a car. Was thinking of Fred's hamburger for lunch-other ideas there also appreciated.

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  1. Fred's was not expected after your initial list LOL

    Venture out a little bit for burgers, try Chubby's Burger Shack (Shroom/Swiss or Bleu Cheese/Bacon, or the Big Nasty if you are a big eater) or M&O Station Grill (try one of their specialty burgers).

    Lili's Bistro on Magnolia (wasabi scallops or macaroon flounder) if you want to try a neighborhood funky dining spot.

    Ellerbe Fine Foods (Lamb Lasagna or Cornish Game Hen) is a little more refined and good too.

    Enjoy your visit.

    1. Hit the Usual on Magnolia for some GREAT cocktails all hand crafted. There is a new place called Cowtown Diner that is supposed to be amazing! Check out the menu online, mostly comfort food.

      1. Cat City Grill on Magnolia caught my eye when I was over that way a week or so ago, although I haven't actually been. From their website, it looks to be on a similar scale to Ellerbe's, which is a very good rec.

        Magnolia has really exploded with several interesting spots in just the the last few months. You could probably just drive down the street from about Main to 8th and take your pick.

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          Wasn't aware of the Magnolia restaurants-the websites and reviews all looked good.If you had to pick one for dinner, which would it be?

        2. Haven't tried it yet but have heard good things about Tillman's which is in the University/7th area.

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            I tried it & liked it ...

            Duce is now gone, but since you've tried the others, you could make the full circle with Tim Love's burger place, Love Shack, for one of your lunches. It made Texas Monthly's top 50 burgers in Texas, but I haven't been able to work up to the burger w/ fried quail egg they recommended. I do like the more basic burger ... the patty is unique, ground in-house, it's half brisket and has a crust unlike any other I've had.

            PS If you go back to Lonesome Dove, I like the elk sausage/foie gras/blueberry jam sliders.

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              Many thanks to everyone for great suggestions. Started both evenings with cocktails at The Usual; GREAT drinks for the price-saw comments on other blogs about pricing here. I've cerainly paid more for crappy drinks elsewhere.
              Ellerbe's dinner was excellent (lamb lasagna, pork belly, lamb t-bone) with perfect service (Andrew) as well. Since we were doing museums on a rainy Saturday we hit Fred's for lunch. I enjoyed the ambience as much as the burgers. Lili's was very good as well, just not quite on the same stratospheric level as previous evening.
              Sunday brunch at Bistro Louise was pricey but an excellent choice prior to rainy drive back to SA. Thanks again!!

              Bistro Louise
              2900 S Hulen St Ste 40, Fort Worth, TX 76109