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Apr 11, 2010 03:30 PM

Cole Slaw at Allen & Son

On a recent trip to the Triangle area, I visited the highly rated Allen & Son for barbecue. Indeed, everything about the food was excellent. Love the hush puppies, double love the barbecue, and would be happy to expire from a pecan pie coma.

I was particularly struck by the cole slaw, the one dish I might have a shot at making at home. The cabbage was finely chopped rather than sliced. The mayo component seemed very thin, and the dominant taste was a sharp vinegar flavor. Does anyone know if this cole slaw is a particular style of the region, or particular to Allen & Son? In either case, does anyone have any pointers to a recipe of a similar kind of cole slaw?

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  1. If you call the restaurant, I'm sure Keith Allen would be happy to tell you whats in it.

    1. There are so many cole slaw variations. Typically in the joints I've been into it's the same (though some add bbq sauce to make it red). I prefer more vinegar and less mayo (blech). I've been privy to some at picnics that even have bits of apple mixed in with the cider vinegar.