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Apr 11, 2010 03:01 PM

Canton Chilli Restaurant

I had lunch here on Friday. It's at 418 Spadina Ave. in the old Lucky Dragon premises.
Their menu advertises Chinese food Indian style, and since I'd never had Hakka cuisine, I thought great. Anyway, I ordered Chilli chicken with rice from the extensive lunch menu.
The friendly waiter told me it was spicy and I replied that I liked spicy food so bring it on.
Truthfully, while tasty and well made with crispy onions, it wasn't very spicy/hot and needed a shot of chili paste. Same for the hot & sour soup that came with it. And the egg roll was your standard Chinese takeout variety. Still, at 4.75 it's great value for money(all lunch items are between five to seven bucks) and seeing as how they've just opened perhaps they're playing it a bit safe. As I mentioned, I'm a total novice when it comes to Chinese / Indian food, and I'd be curious to see what more experienced Chowhounders think. Scanning the menu I don't see much of an overt Indian influence-most things look like dishes you could find on any standard Chinese menu. Maybe I'm missing something?

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  1. The first time I try the Chilli Chicken is about faw week ago. After I tast the Chilli Chicken, it was good tast but more spicy will be better. recently, I go back again and order the same Chilli Chicken with rice and Chicken Pokara. This time is more spicy and better than before. Also, the price was cheap.

    1. Bump. Anyone else been and able to review? I don't know of any other Chinese/Indian food in the core/Chinatown.... so it would be great if this place was decent!

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        Actually mentioned this restaurant last year. We usually order the dry chilli fish, which is excellent. And yes for some reason their chilli chicken is not too spicy.... but love the dry chilli fish with no gravy. Its more like an appetizer as you can't really have it with rice. Didn't try any of the other dishes, will report back when we do.

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            At one point they changed their hours to where they were only open from 4 pm on, Does anyone know if they're open for lunch again?

      2. We love the Szechuan dry string beans here. Great value on the late night menu. Not a fan of the fried hakka stuff.

        1. Thanks all -- we'll definitely try out the recommendations here and report back.

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            Yum2MyTum, did you get a chance to try the recommendations?

            Has anyone been to Canton Chilli lately?