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Harp & Bard -- Dorchester

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Haven't been in to the Harp in a few years so curious about the reno, I decided it was time to stop back. Still the same basic layout, but certainly upgraded. The half wall between bar and dining room has been removed, replaced with some high tops. Freshly painted and new lighting they have done a great job. Is it worth the price jump, I'm not so sure. Misunderstanding the menu, (my fault) I thought the specialty pizzas were 10 in. when in fact they were more like 16 in. We would have just ordered one at $16 a piece. The shrimp scampi version., had a nice scampi sauce with a touch of lemon, but one "piece" of shrimp on each slice was totally stingy., I scooped the measly pieces off a few of the slices to make a decent slice and left the rest. Hawaiian pizza was considerably more succesful, nice balance, decent sauce, tender crust, I would order it again. A friend ordered the appetizer asparaus wrap, which was asparagus and prosciutto wrapped in phylo and topped with a cream sauce, delicious. House wine, some poor generic version was $6.50 a glass, my savignon blanc was $9, and after dinner cordials ran about $8 for a measured pour. Guess since the neighborhood has lost Donovans, people don't have much of a choice, but I don't see myself running back.

Harp & Bard Restaurant
1099 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester, MA 02125

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  1. This is consistent with my experience. The asparagus phyllo thing IS tasty (although a little odd). Someone is cooking back there -- it's not just forzen food. But it's nothing to write home about. My husband is a fan of the wings.

    Avoid karaoke night -- they turn up the sound so uncessarily loud you have to yell to hear the person next to you.