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Savoy- Hainan Chicken

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I am soo addicted to the Hainan Chicken at Savoy (Alhambra on Valley). Although the rice is so good, I substitute it for their garden salad (trying to be healthy). Truly satisfied, but just have to ask... Are there any other places that serve Hainan Chicken as good as Savoy... meaning, actual meat, not bones, flavored rice, and sauce??

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  1. I'd check out Yazmin, also in Alhambra on Main St. Great Hainan chicken rice there....haven't been to Savoy so I don't know how it compares. But the chicken is great, the rice is flavorful, and there are two sauces with the dish. The lunch special price during the weekdays is a great deal.

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      I tried the hainan chicken rice at Yazmin. It was so overcooked that it was just proteinous mush disguised as chicken. Don't waste your time or money.

    2. I concur about Savoy! Haven't had better Hainan chicken anywhere else. Their escargots in garlic butter is also swell.

      Link: http://elmomonster.blogspot.com

      1. The Hainan Chicken Rice is so delicious at Savoy.

        Thanks for the tip on substituting garden salad for rice!

        I only go there twice a month to limit mixing protein with carbs. Now I can go more often! Yes!!!!!!!!

        1. i'm always up for a good hainan chicken actually. think savoy is the best place?

          1. Pardon my ignorance, but does anyone have an address for Savoy, or a description of the plaza or where it intersects with Valley Blvd? Thanks!

            1. Savoy Kitchen, 138 E Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA

              1. I didn't think Savoy was that good. I've had the Hainan chicken and some of their Italian dishes. I fail to understand the lineup I see everyday. I know that's not indicative of a place of good eats, but still... To each his own I guess. My wild theory is that people just like to sit out in the patio section and be seen. It's sort of like an eastside Ivy, etc.

                The Hainan chicken at that Vietnamese place in the former Vons plaza serves good Hainan chicken and also a good filet mignon cube with red rice (New Ave and Valley - plaza next to Lee's Sandwiches).

                1. I really like the Hainan chicken! It was a revealing dish for me in that I found out how just a few simple ingredients can make a wonderfully satisfying meal... I realized ther is some pleasure in occasionally uni-tasking at meal time.

                  highly recommended!

                  btw: does anyone know how to recreate those two sauces? The creamy chili sauce and the oil/ginger puree? Thanks!

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                    I love Hainan Chicken, but the Hainan Chicken at Savoy didn't measure up to its reputation. I've had better Hainan Chicken.

                    The biggest disappointment about Savoy is the service of this chubby young girl (16-20 years old?) who works there. It seems like she must be the daughter of the owner or something. Don't know how she treats everyone else, but she practically throws the food at us when serving, and then snatches the money right away when we pay her. She then targets rich-looking people or young guys her age and gives them 5 star service after being terrible to my party a split-second earlier.

                    Anyway, the chicken had a bland, assembly-line produced taste to it. Not recommended.

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                      Yum Cha Cafe (San Gabriel Superstore & Monterey Park Location) creates a pretty good Hainan Chicken & Rice Plate. They use the Heritage/Free Range Chicken and their rice has very good flavor. It's not quite classic like Savoy, but value and portion size is awesome.

                  2. Savoy is overrated and some of the sauces are totally wrong. The Vietnamese place in the shopping center with the Asian Market 168 is better. It's on Valley and New Ave.

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                      My dad eats Hainan chicken alot, done vietnamese style.

                      NOWHERE is as tender as Savoy. Although the sauces are vastly different between Savoy + Vietnamese restaurants.

                      If you explore Vietnamese restaurants for the same dish, they use a different type of chicken. It has a gamey'er taste, not nearly as tender, but good in its own way. Also copius use of fish sauce w/ginger instead of the ones they give you at Savoy.

                      But damn, the tenderness of the chicken @Savoy is hard to beat.