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Apr 11, 2010 01:06 PM

What to do with first Staub??

After months of figuring out which dutch oven to buy, I finally settled with a 6 quart Staub "Coq au Vin" oval dutch oven (grenadine!). I am wondering though what special things I can do with my new toy. So far, I have made a tajine, several pork roasts, and I am preparing my first no-knead bread. What are some not so obvious things I can do with it, such as the bread??

As well, what are some delicious dishes I can only make (well) in an enameled cast iron pot?

Thanks for any tips :)

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  1. Pot roast is my favorite use for my "Coq au Vin", which is blue. Veal or beef, and I love both. I never used to like blue pots until I saw this one. Now it is one of my favorites because I love looking at it. I also make soups in my Staub and LC, but tend to pick the round ones for this job. It seems more suited to longer food and sitting in the oven next to another small pan, as the oval take up less room on the shelf than a comparably sized round one.

    1. roycey, congratulation on you new DO.

      I would recommend CI's version of rost chicken in DO. You will appreciate that you DO is in oval shape! I make it wity my LC 6.75qt oval DO and it is terrific.

      Also, Braised Lamb Shanks Proven├žal
      Short Ribs Braised in Porter Ale with Maple-Rosemary Glaze
      Those are from the book "All About Braising" by Molly Stevens. Those two are my fav but there are many more in her book you can make with your DO.


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          Totally. Marcella's is the best recipe I've found...easy & delicious & perfect for your new DO

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            fauchon, where can I find the Marcella's recipe? Cookbook? I have never made Osso Buco and interested.

            1. re: hobbybaker

              It's in "The Classic Italian Cookbook" which was her first cookbook (page 256). It's called Ossobuco alla milanese--Braised Veal Shanks, Milan Style.

              I tried to find it online for you but couldn't turn it up. Instead, here's a lengthy CH thread about Ossobucco...

              This is so simple & so delicious! You'll enjoy making it & you'll enjoy eating it!

        2. Hi all, sorry to hijack your post but I just got my first Staub as well. I decided to make beef bourguignon for my first dish. I seared my beef after I sauteed my bacon and all was going well until I pulled my staub out of the oven after 1.5 hours later. As I was stirring my stew, I found lots of black flat bits, in some cases as large as a kidney bean. Please tell me that it is just burned bacon fat and not the black enamel or some other black chemical layer floating in my stew. I still want to eat it but not sure if it's safe.

          1. Oh I wanted to attach a picture of the stuff on my wooden spoon. It's all over my beef bourguignon. :(

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              Did you figure out what the specks were?