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Apr 11, 2010 12:42 PM

Juniper Berries - Where to buy around Baltimore?

A ton of smoking recipes call for Juniper Berries. I have found them online, but paying $10 shipping for $3 worth of berries is a little crazy.

Does anyone know if they can be found locally?


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  1. A disclaimer--since moving downtown I haven't gone up to the Waverly Farmer's Market in months.

    There's a guy there who sells spices--last I remember, his stand was near the prepared foods. I seem to recall that he had juniper berries.

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      Good Life Natural Market in Severna Park has them in their bulk spice section.

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        A sort story. Many yrs. ago, a friend of mine who was a scientist and I stopped by his lab. Took some of the high grade alcohol they used for experiments, cut it in half with highly filtered water in the lab, crushed some juniper berries, (it was an agricultural resaerch facility) and, VOILA...instant gin. Quite good believe it or not.

    2. Morton & Bassett spice displays at grocery stores have juniper berries. There should be a store near you that carries M&B spices.