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Apr 11, 2010 12:25 PM

Memorial Day weekend in Vancouver

Hi! My boyfriend and I are traveling to Vancouver for Memorial Day weekend and would love suggestions on your favorite (not too expensive, we're on a budget) B&Bs, with great coffee and breakfast.

Also, while I'll definitely search this board for food suggestions, if you have a B&B recommendation and there are other great places to eat in the vicinity, we'd love to hear them.

A little about our taste: We prefer good food in casual, cozy, homey environments. Small, funky places with flavorful food are our favorites.

In terms of cuisine: we love sushi, pho, all Japanese and Korean food, interesting burger joints with great beer, daring vegetarian, middle eastern, and amazing localvore cuisine and wine. I am also an ice cream and gelato whore, and he'd sell his soul for the perfect cup of coffee. I also dig wine bars and he loves excellent local brews.

Tall order, I know--and not a particularly focused line of requests so, thank you for any suggestions you want to throw our way.

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  1. I recommend the Commercial Drive neighbourhood for you then. Have a look here:

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      fmed knows the Drive :-) but I must suggest two coffee places at either end of it: North = Bump and Grind (dirty chai latte, oh yeah) and south = Prado (mocha) for different takes on independent java joints. And for sushi, Lime is great, just be sure to sit at the bar. I haven't been yet but Divino a wine bar on the Drive sounds promising (there's a thread here somewhere) and it is next to a very good gelato place, blanking on the name. For pho you probably want to head out to Kingsway which is easier with a car but doable by bus. Post again if you want specifics on that dish. I've been mad for the pho ga with fried chicken on the side at My Chau recently but there's lots of good pho bo to be had too. Burger joints with great beer? I'm drawing a blank on that. My favourite burger comes from Moderne on the west side, but no licence there. As for breakfasts, I'm working on a breakfast resto list for the Lower Mainland and I keep coming across Teresa's on the Drive. The menu sounds great. Has anyone been? Have a great time with hopefully good weather at the end of May (I had to look up when Memorial Day is as we don't celebrate it here -- our long weekend is Victoria Day the weekend before.

      My Chau Restaurant
      1715 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N2S4, CA

      Divino Restaurant
      1590 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L3Y2, CA

      1. re: grayelf

        Beer and Burger...this city needs that killer combination of "great" burgers with "great" beer. It's usually one or the other. The Alibi might be the closest to that nirvana with their Bison burger and extensive list of cask-conditioned craft beer.

        Teresa's is a good breakfast/brunch place....but since this isn't my favourite meal, it is sort of lost on me (I'm a coffee for breakfast guy.). It has a good rep amongst some of my breakfast eating friends. The intriguing sounding "vegan quality" breakfast at Cafe Deux Soleils (the northern branch by Commercial/William St) looks good. (I don't think it is actually "vegan" as they serve eggs is only "vegan quality." Whatever that means.)

        1. re: fmed

          Refuel has an extensive bottle list and my favorite burger in town. After 9 PM every night, you can get a pint of locally brewed R&B (IMHO, not great, but most definitely good) with your burger for a total of 15.50. Killer deal if you ask me. 28 day dry aged beef and house cured bacon cooked to order. If you go any other time, they do have an extensive bottled beer list, but alas, only two taps.

          Also, like fmed mentioned, Alibi is the place for incredible local beer (however, only 3 of which are cask conditioned at any one time, the other 25 taps are standard kegs). Nearly every beer on the tap list is local and all are delicious. Food is good too - it won't wow you every time, but it works well with beer - there is a considerable emphasis on local and sustainable produce there too.

          For coffee, I humbly suggest you check out this thread and the list I made about a year ago - (Full disclaimer, I now in fact work for Elysian Coffee, but that list was made 9 months before I started employment - board regular agreement with my picks hopefully supports the choices!).

          Have a great trip up here!

        2. re: grayelf

          Theresa's has great breakfast. Good garlic flavour in their rough-cut hashbrowns and good coffee. A friend who 'breakfasts' on the drive often recommends the Nest, as well, but I haven't been yet.

          1. re: aliz

            Little Nest has good breakfasts and amazing pastries (their ricotta muffin is unreal). You need to like kids in order to eat-in though -- part of their concept is to be ultra-kid friendly. Not everyone's cup of tea. :)

            1. re: JEheartbreak

              Thanks for the info - I'll have to try it. :)