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Apr 11, 2010 11:49 AM

Fish tacos around Portsmouth area?

Looking for good - or great? - fish tacos in and around Portsmouth & seacoast (up into Maine, further west, etc.) Have had and enjoyed Loco Cocos and Dos Amigos -- curious to try more, possibly at non-Mexican restaurants we might have missed?

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  1. Had the fish tacos at Loco's tonight... gotta say I really enjoyed them. I got two, but I really should only have gotten one... they're not the most filling, but they are when you plow em down with a bunch of chips and salsa.

    Thanks for reminding me that Loco's has them!

    1. One spot for very good fish tacos is Brazo in Portsmouth. They offer them as an appetizer and they are very tasty, crisp, and freshly prepared. I prefer these to Loco Coco (although they are good, too).