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Apr 11, 2010 11:43 AM

Granadia (or Granadilla) is this the same as passion fruit

Had some granadia juice this morning which is the spelling my stepdaughter used.

First, are granandia and grandilla the same

Second are they the same as passion fruit juice

Have limited internet time, so could not search much

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  1. Sorry, a few more seconds of search answered my question which is yes it is a passion fruit which in this case is the yellow version. I am used to the purple version.

    1. That's the kind of passion fruit that we grow here in Hawaii...but we call it lilikoi

      1. It is almost a year later and it must be the start of passion fruit season as the local yellow fruit is starting to show up in Gautemalan markets.

        It is somehow appropriate that a fruit with the word "passion" in its name, shoud appear in the month of Valentine's Day ... and usually Lent.

        It turns out the name has more to do with the stunning puprple flower - Flor de La PasiĆ³n.

        From wiki

        "The passion fruit has had a religious association as reflected by the name "passion" given to it by Catholic missionaries who thought that certain parts of the fruit bore some religious connections ...

        The three stigmas were to reflect the three nails in Jesus's hands and feet.
        The threads of the passion flower were believed to be a symbol of the Crown of Thorns.
        The vine's tendrils were likened to the whips.
        The five anthers represented the five wounds.
        The ten petals and sepals regarded to resemble the Apostles (excluding Judas and Peter)."

        I don't know if it is just because the fruit is fresher in Guatemala or the taste of the yellow passion fruit is better than the purple. In SF I only saw the purple and while the taste was ok, it wasn't anything I'd by again.

        The yellow is sweeter and juicier, the texture like tapioca with crunch from the seeds.

        This weekend I had lunch in a garden that was a giddy glory of purple passion fruit flowers mixed with white and pink bougainvillea.

        1. You do this a lot, you start a thread, then answer yourself. Thanks, l always benefit from your knowledge and research. The passionfruit l had from the bush in front of my apt in Maui was called lilikoi but was purple. Major fruit flies fought me for the ones on the ground every morning, and they bit hard.