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Apr 11, 2010 11:25 AM

ISO: (certified) Kosher FIsh Sauce to make Thai Food at home

Does anyone have any idea where this can be found in Toronto, North York or even Thornhill?

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  1. I may have an answer, but I also have a question. Would it not have to be vegetarian or fish based Thai food, due to the prohibition on eating meat and fish together? Just curious.
    Having asked that, I think you can try this place:
    I doubt very much whether you will find it in a store here

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    1. re: munchieHK

      There is no prohibition in Judaism on eating meat and fish together. There IS a prohibition on eating meat and dairy together. Fish is considered to be neither meat or dairy.

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        Just to clarify the point, some people do not mix Fish and Meat on the same plate (nor cook them together) as the Talmud considers it unhealthy. They will however, have a fish appetizer and a meat main course.

    2. I can't lead you to a brand or a location for this, but I have been startled to notice products from China, Thailand, India, and even Pakistan with hashgachas. Unfortunately, the products I have at home at the moment don't qualify.

      A few people I can think of who might know:
      - Bonnie at Bonnie Stern's
      - Steve at Chapman's Specialty Foods (he might also stock something or know where to order it)

      Most Likely place to find it on the shelf, and which you can phone for info:
      - Clark Av Sobey's in Thornhill

      If you wander through T&T at the Promenade Mall, you might find something on the shelf, but you'd need to read all of the labels yourself and their Thai stock isn't huge

      Bonnie Stern
      6 Erskine Ave, Toronto, ON M4P, CA

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        I doubt that Chapman's would have a zeal for kashruth.
        Try call C.O.R.

      2. I'm wondering if it might not be available at all because the companies that make the fish sauce (using anchovies, which are kosher) probably also process products that contain shrimp (which are not).

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          Yeah, it does $16.99 a bottle and that's for expired stock. Ouch! Religious faith can be a pricey indulgence. Truly happy to be an atheist. I may be spiritually impoverished, but at least I don't need an overdraft to make a Pad Thai :)
          This is the product:

          1. re: munchieHK

            I bought it in Israel..and have used it once to make pad thai. I bought all sorts of food products from Israel that you cant get here and keep asking friends to bring more!!
            Not sure of the quality coz I have nothing to compare it too.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Getting COR labelling is a whole different story but by default fish sauce is made w/ anchovies, salt, and a little sugar. Those are kosher friendly ingredients. It obviously depends on how strict you are with the rules, that is for you to decide.

            I'm talking about the good brands like Golden Boy (T&T), Tra Chang (Foody Mart), which are kept quite pure.