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Apr 11, 2010 10:34 AM

Quality Hardwood Charcoal

Where do you buy yours in the D/FW area? Years ago, BBQ-Galore had a store brand that was clean, uniform chunks of charcoal made from unprocessed wood (not milled lumber) that would burn, leaving virtually no ashy residue. They quit making it.

Since then, no matter the price, I've been unable to find anything equal - its all crap. I find every thing from rocks, to blackened baseboard runs, but mostly the problems is that there is no uniformity in "(non)chunk" size which can vary from small shards to foot-plus long limbs.

I'd love to find some that is 2 - 3" inch dia. chunks. Any suggestions?

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  1. What about the B&B brand that is from Weimar, Texas. Below is the website. I have used it with good results. Although the pieces might not be uniform chunks it is good quality charcoal. I have even seen it at Wal-Mart but you might want to check out their website/call to get a list of vendors in your immediate area.

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      Will give it a try. I'm headed to Academy Sports to pick up a 20# bag. Thank you very much LH!

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        I bought a bag of Kingsford lump at Market Street in Plano. Burned nice and hot, not too many sparks while in the chimney starter. Solidly average.

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          So I grilled 2 1-1/2" rib eyes using the B & B and am pretty pleased with it. Good size lumps in the 2 - 3" diameter that I was looking for. There were a number of smaller chips, but none so small to allow them to fall through the grates. It burned very hot and clean with minimal sparks. Due to the large lump size, it burned 2 - 3 time longer than any of my more recent purchases, producing very little ash. Thanks again!

        2. I've had good luck with WF's charcoal.

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          1. re: Scagnetti

            Thanks! I just recently heard that WF had a brand and was where I was headed before deciding to do this post. I purchased the BB earlier today (12.99/20#). If it doesn't work for me, I'll definitely try WF.... but Academy is SO much closer. I have my fingers crossed for the B&B.

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              B&B is good, made from I believe Mexican oak, not sure though if that is white or red oak, and B&B is also available from Albertsons. In addition Albertsons markets a Dallas Cowboy brand charcoal, available in briquettes or lump that is pretty darn good too.


              1. re: RobbnTX

                There is usually a large selection of woods available at Alberstons. The ONLY reason to go to Albertsons.

          2. The nakedwhiz link has more info on natural charcoal than you would care to read. They also give very high marks to Royal Lump which you can find at Walmart. That's what goes in my BGE.

            1. Having been very pleased with the B&B brand through 3 or 4 uses in recent weeks.... yesterday evening, not so much so. There was one or more pieces of coal that sparked up like a bottle rocket X 10.

              If you're planning to use this in a wooded, leafy or dry area, I would not recommend this brand of coal. Too bad as it has good sized, mostly uniform lumps, burns relatively hot for a good sear and produces little ash.

              1. I've used B&B for years, but now much prefer the Royal Oak sold at Walmart. There are fewer very large or very small pieces and much less dust compared to B&B. This R O is made in USA, whereas the B&B products are actually made in Argentina--check the fine print on the bags. The best deal I've found this spring is 20# B&B oak for $10.49 a bag at the Plano Central Market. Happy grilling!