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Apr 11, 2010 10:29 AM

Nuernberg Brauhaus: New German in Pflugerville

Has anyone made their way to the new German spot in Pflugerville?

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  1. Yes, I posted this over on yelp...

    It was nice to find some authentic German food without driving an hour and a half to enjoy it. Most places that are considered German restaurants simply apply country fried steak batter to pork, calls it schnitzel and rely on selling a lot beer to authenticate themselves.

    One bite into the Jager Schnitzel and it was easy to see that Nuernberg Brauhaus is serious about serving up true German cuisine. The schnitzel was nice and crunchy but not overdone and had several flavors in the breading, which made it obvious that the chef spent some time preparing it.

    There were six of us and I don't think we weren't expecting much since it is in a strip mall just outside of downtown Plugerville. The atmosphere inside was quaint and there is small beer garden out front that adds a little bit of ambiance. I could also see myself sitting at the bar for lunch, if I lived anywhere near Plugerville. Nothing to really to brag about though.

    All of us ordered something different and the theme at the table quickly became, "you gotta try this". We started with the Potato Pancakes. They were very greasy but very very good. I was particularly impressed because I have always tried to make these things myself and can never come close getting right. Apparently, and according to our server, the chef brought all of her pots and pans with her from Germany and that's what makes the difference. We later found out that she brought her sausage making skills with her too.

    We ordered the plain schnitzel, paprika schnitzel, jager schnitzel, sausage with kraut and tomato soup. I already covered the schnitzel but didn't cover the fact that it is only $12 compared to $20 at some other authentic places. The tomato soup was good enough to love even if you hate tomatoes. The sausage is homemade and the difference was more than noticeable. The sides were all obviously made from scratch too and although they were good, nothing really stood out as extraordinary. The cabbage is worth trying since it is well prepaired and something that you can't find on an everyday menu.

    I didn't have room for dessert but took a bite of what I think was pecan cake (I wasn't paying attention when they ordered it) and the crepes. Both were very good however I don't eat dessert often so there's not much for me to compare it to.

    The tap only had four beers but they were all more than worthy German beers and the bottle selection was better than average.

    All and all, the atmosphere was ok but the food was something they clearly put a lot of work into and that has to be appreciated. The next time I am in Plugerville I've got to stop by again and try the goulash soup that our server was so enthusiastic about. That's another thing, traditionally goulash is a soup, not a stew. Props for defying 95% of American restaurants.

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      Welcome to the board. Whenever I need a muffler repair or some yard work done I head on over to yelp. Didn't know they were doing food now too.

      Good report. What are some other good spots in Pflugerville? Some friends are retiring up there this year and I'd love to point out some good places to eat.

      How is that old timey steakhouse I keep hearing about?

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        European Bistro is another good Pflugerville spot, would be my choice there, though I'm definitely going to check this place out.

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          Scrumptious- My husband and I adore the food at Taste of Ethiopia in Pflugerville (on Grand Ave. Pkwy). It is, hands down, the best ethiopian cuisine I've had (NYC, Austin, etc.). Plus, the owner is very friendly and cares for you like you're family. I'm pretty sure I posted an earlier review about the spot.

          Taste of Ethiopia
          1466 Grand Avenue Pkwy, Pflugerville, TX 78660

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            I dug your review up from the way back machine here:

            loved re reading julian25lonestar's review too. I wonder if her "never ending quest" came to a grinding halt after her visit to Winnies place, or maybe she was just plumb tuckered.

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          thanks for the review, 6sid7.
          the schnitzel sounds great.
          next time i am up that way, i may just check it out.

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            I would have to 2nd 6sid7. On my visit we ordered pretty much the same menu. The difference I would point out on our visit the sides were all excellent. This may be a difference in personal taste or timing. Dunno.
            In my opinion, the sausage and kraut was noticeably home made and excellent. Wine list was wanting and strangely not rooted in Germany, but they did offer a Gewurtztraminer. On the menu were some strange drink concoctions that were explained to me as modern traditional German. I am not sure if they remain. We were actually there on day 1 and we spent time speaking with the owner. He plans on updating the menu and the wine list as the Brauhaus evolves. I look forward to a return visit.

          2. Thanks for linking my review scrumptiouschef. As you could tell I really liked it. Mostly I was just excited to see something authentic and local come Pflugerville. Chains get old fast and it's exciting to have some food that comes from people that are very proud of what they do and make it with their own hands. I would recommend checking the place out if you are in the area.

            1. I'm working in Pflugerville one day a week now, so I stopped by today. Wasn't in the mood for schnitzel, so I ordered the special. Meatballs with tomato sauce and mashed potatoes (5.00 and change) also ordered the cucumber salad (3.00 and change). The meatballs were delicious and obviously home made, as were the potatoes. The cucumber salad was also delicious, but a rip off at almost 4 bucks.

              I'll definitely go back. I'd like to try the schnitzel when I'm in the mood. Lunch time price was 9.99 I believe, for the Jager.

              Some bread and butter would have been nice. Felt like that was missing at a german place. For me, the lunch special portion was just right. But, if you like big portions you might have been disappointed.

              1. The best schnitzel I've had since we lived in Germany. The breading is paper thin and crispy and the meat was tender enough to cut with your fork. The dinner version had a large portion also. Definitely worth the $11. I will be going back very soon to try out some other dishes.

                1. ...and according to their website this place is CLOSED now. The last few times I have been in there, it was bustling, so I didn't see this coming. Any suggestions on where to get schnitzel now are welcome!

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                  1. re: rusty_s

                    European Bistro in Pflugerville has good schnitzel.

                    1. re: Rptrane

                      That one is closed now too...where do we go for German food now?

                      1. re: amykragan

                        The Walburg beirgarten is still around, and much better then Shultzs.