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Apr 11, 2010 09:30 AM


Just moved to Markham wanted find out about good and cheap places to eat at.

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  1. Magic Wok on 14th line and Kennedy Rd. (look for the water tower). Very good Cantonese chinese food. It's usually crowded so get there early. The deep fried squid is highly recommended.

    1. I guess it depends where in Markham you are....

      Tangerine on Markham Rd near 14th is GREAT...there's a Nando's near there that's good too...a lot of little Indian places popping up on Markham and Steeles too...

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      1. re: Shugga Brown

        Thanks guys, I heard that Tangerine is pretty good. I must try.

      2. Babu's is a great Indian take out and its pretty cheap too.There is also Biryani Depot on Steels and Markham Rd, which is cheap and very good biryani..

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          Drove over to Steeles and Markham road lunch time and did some exploring. Saw quite a few Asian patrons coming out of ' Biryani Depot ' so decide to give it a try. Tried the Chicken Biryani and man! was it CHEAP! Two pieces of huge chicken with tons and tons of pilau rice for only $4! However, quality and taste fell way short. Luckily I bought some from Poorani Vilaas' across from them and it was much better. Whilst there, I also tried the mutton curry which was very interesting. It has a deep orange colour and a very unique, spicy flavour which I haven't come across before. Definitely an acquired taste. The meat was unfortunately very tough though! Next time, may be I'll try Babu's instead

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            I hit Babu last Wednesday. I really liked it. For $6 you can get a thali featuring loads of biryani, plus five curries and rasam (soup). Delicious. Interesting beet curry, slightly crunchy cabbage curry, spicy channa masala. Great stuff and very good value.

            As this place has no seats, there is nowhere to eat, really. I love Babu and will be returning there. And if I have to eat in the parking lot again, I will still be happy!

            1. re: Fwagra

              Tried out Babu's this lunch time. What impresses me the most was NOT the food display, (which was pretty spectacular) but their business hours! 5.00am - 12.00 am!!!! And that is in the middle of the Major Mac/ McCowan wilderness!!
              Bought some butter chicken, Goat curry and cabbage/potatoes. Pretty tasty for a 'pure take out place'!

          2. re: shakkar

            Babu's is an immensely popular place but just fyi, it is Sri Lankan Tamil food, not Indian.

            My favs there are the mutton rolls and the kothu roti. I find the curries to be occasionally too greasy, but most people love it.

            1. re: greenduck

              Tried Babu today. Ordered too much food for 4 people. Had 1/2 of food leftover.
              We loved the meat lamprie (?) - for $8, that was enough food for 4 people. Also had the kothu roti. Family found it too spicy. And too filling. We only finished 1/4 of the container.
              Did not realize portions were so big for the briyani (?). We got 2 large size containers of mutton and chicken.
              Apparently only one lamprie and one briyani can feed 4. Then we went next door to Tastee for patties. Never been to the McCowan area up there before. Happy to see that we can get our 'Indian" and patty fix all in the same plaza.
              Next time we will try seafood lamprie, butter chicken and some goat curry.

              , Chelmsford, ON P0M, CA

          3. If you are into Chinese food, I suggest First Markham Place food court. You can't really go cheaper then that. Good food, and lot's to choose from.

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            1. re: super_powergirl123

              We tried the Nakwon (Kennedy & 7) weekday lunch specials. lots of banchan and the pork katsu lunch was great. Very light and crispy. Contrary to other reviews, service was pretty good too. Will definitely go back.

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