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Apr 11, 2010 08:59 AM

Considering hiring a BBQ chef for a small backyard party. Advice?

My friend has a birthday coming up, and I was considering trying to find a pro BBQ chef to man a grill/smoker for a backyard shindig. I've been doing some googling and haven't really come up with anything. There are plenty of catering companies, but I'm looking for someone with their own kick-ass grilling set-up and lots of experience/recipes to make a backyard BBQ a little more unique. There wouldn't be more than 30 people.

But on the catering tip, anyone have experience hiring a small place like The Smoke Joint in Fort Greene?

Stories or recommendations welcome! Thanks!

The Smoke Joint
87 S Elliott Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  1. Go to one of the Argentine places in Jackson Heights. Ask the owner if the chef does side work.

    1. Put up a post on the Kansas City BBQ Society site. There has to be a member closeby that will do the gig for you.


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        If you can contact CH member "backyardchef", he'd know. Come to think about it, Matt now is, I believe, at RUB. Call and ask.

      2. Every now and then an easy question:

        Steve Harkavy is a friend. Full disclosure, I sometimes compete with Fuhgeddaboutit. That said, I think Bon Soir would be perfect for your needs.

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          Ask Bobby Richter at Fatty Que if he knows anyone who might do it, or if he might. He has won many awards at barbeque competitions.
          You can also try looking at sites for local barbeque contests and see who some of the teams were. There was just something called "Smokin on the Bay" the last Saturday in March that was held in Brooklyn. If you can see what teams were there, you might be able to track them down. They generally bring their own smokers to the contests, so have them, and many do cater or own restaurants.