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Apr 11, 2010 07:56 AM

Kabuki Sushi & Grill

8724 109 Street

Anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Is this in Edmonton??

    1. Yes, I tried it last week. It's quite small inside but very cozy. There's a giant fake cherry tree in the middle, with small tables around it - quite a unique setting. It was quite busy when I went, but I was able to get a table right away. There were a number of japanese university students there when I went, which I considered to be a good sign.

      The menu is pretty extensive - many different kinds of maki, including a section of deep fried maki (not really my "thing", but interesting no less). They also have a pretty decent selection of sake, including premium cold sakes. As I recall, the cold sakes were only available by the bottle, but of course the hot sake could be ordered in various sizes.

      I was on my own, so just had their "Hot Night" maki (tempura shrimp, salmon, spicy tuna, avocado) and a couple pieces of salmon nigiri. Both were fresh and tasty (nice presentation on the maki). Prices seem pretty standard for any sushi place in E-town. I still consider Wasabi, Mikado, Matsuya, and Kobe to be my favourites in the city, but Kabuki was pretty decent and conveniently located, so worth checking out.

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      1. re: lainekerr

        so do you like Kyoto bettter... the one across the street or the NKOTB... Kabuki?

        1. re: chewy_bakah

          I actually haven't eaten at the Kyoto across the street (I usually go to the downtown one), so I can't really compare.

        2. re: lainekerr

          So, I take it to be moderate/average from your review? Doesn't seem impressive, or terrible.

          1. re: rebasaurus

            I would say it's another mediocre addition to the sushi scene here. I didn't find their fish to be good (in texture, taste, and in actual slicing) while the rice was very bland. The friends I was with said the non-traditional items were pretty average. Here -

            1. re: raidar

              I agree. Ordered the deluxe sashimi (25 pieces) thinking that it would have a good variety. It was very standard...actually less than standard fare. 8 pieces of salmon, 8 pieces of tuna, 4 pieces of tako, 4 pieces of red tuna and something resembling chop chop filling (scallops and tobiko). The fish was either not quite defrosted or defrosted in such a way that it felt mushy. The cuts were thick (if you care for that) and strangely rough around the edges?? Either they need to get better fish or invest in better knives. The special makis were better compared to their sashimi offering.
              The decor is neat with the sakura "tree" in the middle and clean.
              All in all, not the worst place I have been to but mediocre at best.

        3. We were there a couple weeks ago and I agree with the others. It was our second visit. The service was good. The sashimi was so-so. The slices were poorly cut- rough and inconsistent. The maki rolls were way too loose, they all fell apart. The inari pockets were not wrapped tightly in the "seams". The sunomono had the wrong type of noodles- regular rice vermicelli when it should be harusume noodles. We want to try it again , but we're not going to rush back there.

          1. Friends want to go here later this week for a sushi fix. I haven't read a single stellar review, or even a mainly-positive one since reading up on the place; how do I politely suggest we stick to ol' reliable? (Kyoto downtown for me). Does Kabuki have bento boxes?