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Apr 11, 2010 07:11 AM

Spargel Season-when does it start?

I will be driving on a Friday from Frankfurt down to Strasbourg end of April.
So two thoughts come to mind:
when does the spargel season start this year?
are there any recommended restaurants, easily accessible from the autobahn, open for lunch that would serve outstanding spargel?

Your help appreciated.

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  1. I was in southern Germany last weekend and lots of restaurants were already advertising spargel on their chalkboards. So, I guess the season has already started!

    1. For several years the restaurant in the Crown Plaza in Heidelberg has had a spargel festival which includes tastes of ten or more dishes all featuring spargel for a reasonable fixed price. While I generally don't like hotel dining rooms I actually have enjoyed this, especially for the variety of ways in which they've incorporated it. Having said this the celebration of spargel is such a huge deal in Germany almost any better restaurant will probably have a feature or two of it on their menu. There is even something to be said for driving, say, 100 or so km south of Frankfurt and turning off of the autobahn to look for a spargel stand, ideally at the edge of a field. Then chomping down on raw white asparagus!

      I love the stuff! Enjoy!

      Strasbourg is also a great city for dining with several outstanding restaurants. 40 km or so away is one of Europe's best restaurants, Auberge d'Ill. 40 km in another direction (towards Freiburg in the Black Forest) is Baiersbronn with Germany's best restaurant, the three Michelin starred Schwarzwaldstube. Two km away is the three Michelin starred Bareiss. All of these are well worth the journey. Schwarzwaldstube is as hard of a reservation as El Bulli. Serious. A year or so in advance.

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        the local stuff doesn't seem to be in Munich yet (usually around mid to late April) but some restaurants are already trucking it in from further south. I'm holding out for now :-)

        We had a really nice spargel meal in Deidesheim last May, at Gasthaus Zur Kanne. I think that region is especially known for their asparagus.

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          yes. both the region around heidelberg/schwetzingen and around berlin/beelitz are famous for their high quality spargel. I can't WAIT to get my hands on and mouth around some!!