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Apr 11, 2010 04:59 AM

How do you clean up pizza dough/flour from a granite countertop?

It seems like whenever I make my own dough, then pizza, my counter top is a nightmare!!

I soend more time trying to wipe it down wet, then try to get all the pices of dough off, then I windex like crazy...honestly last night it took me 45 minutes to clean all this mess!!

There has to be an easier way! My husband told me just get a scraper, but I was afraid it might scratch the granite.

Any ideas??? Thanks!

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  1. I've used a metal pastry scraper for your with no issues of scratching the granite. Makes pizza making more pleasurable when you don't have to worry about cleanup.

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      Ditto the bench scraper! I have a metal one and I have granite counter tops. Granite is very, very hard. You can't scratch it with anything metal, except specially made granite cutting tools made out of exotic materials:

    2. If you are afraid of using a scraper with a metal blade, then get a plastic drywall taping knife. That is what I have used for several years. They come in widths from about 4" to 10". Mine is a 10" width and it cost under $2 at Home Depot. It's a great tool for working with pastry and for cleaning up dough remnants.

      1. Thanks.....I am off to buy a scraper today! I see in the light my countertop is still cloudy and messy from last night! Yuck!

        Thanks so much everyone!

        1. in my kitchen I had installed a slab of marble for the specific purpose of being able to roll out and make doughs of any kind. love how it works, stays so cold and it's from the earth so it gets prettier and prettier. but I do realize that's not the question.

          I keep mine devoid of everything on my counter [which is always my marble island] with my scraper from WS and I also have one from Graham Kerr. I love them cause they scrape up anything and the ease of putting something from the cutting board or counter top into the skillet is made much easier with the bench scraper or dough scraper, whatever it's called.

          I always end up using a solution of half white vinegar and half water and a soft cloth to make it clean and wipe it down.

          1. I also use a plastic scraper but I dribble warm water all over the mess and let it sit for 5 minutes before scraping. It softens up all the crusty bits.

            BTW I read that you should never windex your granite counters. Over the years it can damage the finish. I just use warm water and vinegar.

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              "dumbest thing ever" happened to us a few years ago when we remodeled our kitchen. my mother had a coffee table [and] a yard sale. the table was about to be put into the awaiting truck on route to the Goodwill. the middle of the table was a huge slab of marble which I immediately took off and set aside, took it home later for "some possible use". years later, I wanted to input into our island in the kitchen for pastry/bread/cookie dough etc. use. the j@ck@$$ that did the remodel put it in upside down, so shiny pretty side, not visible and ugly dull side on top, grouted, done. what a nutjob :{