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Apr 10, 2010 09:40 PM

Vogglio pizza moving (Calgary)

The owners of the building Vogglio d'Pizza is in have decided not to renew their lease. Vogglio is moving out of their current location (1514-14th St. NW) on June 30.

But good news is they plan to reopen near the science centre around 11th St and 6th Ave SW. Luis' son couldn't give me a more exact address.

Anyway he said it'll take them some time to move all the equipment etc. but they hope to be open in time for the Stampede. Hopefully, they'll post updates on their site:

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  1. Damn. This will not end well. There's precious little walk-about traffic, strangely, in the area you describe. I'm not sure Vogglio's managed to build up the name recognition to corner themselves in a little noticed area of downtown (where many hospitality start-ups have failed spectacularly and continue to do so). They'll have to step up their marketing quite a bit for this to work.

    1. Oh dear I wish them luck. I hope they're banking on traffic from the skate park because there isn't alot going on in that area but condos - and isn't the Science Centre moving? I thought they had started construction of the new centre over by the zoo?

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      1. re: maplesugar

        Telus World of Science is indeed moving and construction of the new one, which will more than double its current size, is well under way.

        I haven't been happy with Vogglio for a while now. Each of my last three visits the crusts have been terrible, hard and unappetizing, nothing at all like when they first opened.

        1. re: John Manzo

          i agree with John... They were great when they first opened, but have been VERY inconsistent for the last couple of years or so (forget how long they've been there, now). I've had great pies there, but also many terrible pies. things started to go downhill once Luis hired the kids to run the kitchen.

          1. re: nonlinear

            Vogglio is officially herewith off my list. Partner picked up a medium, regular crust Mexicana today. Now this was the first pie I had from Vogglio and that one brought tears to my eyes- one of the best pizzas I've ever tasted. This one was horrible. The crust was, for lack of a better word, HARD. Not crisp, not cracker-like, but HARD, like eating drywall. Toppings were fine, but where were the crisp shards of tortilla chips that makes a taco pizza? The ones I could find were soaking wet, limp.

            I don't care how ample the toppings are- the crust ruined this pizza. And that's how it's been lately.

          2. re: John Manzo

            Agreed. They've been very average for the last little while.

            On a slight derail, what are they doing with the old Science Centre? Are they going to turn in into some sort of C-train mall or something? Kind of a use-specific place.

            1. re: Leibowitz

              I don't know specifically what they're doing with it, but they aren't going to tear it down. Not the older part with the textured concrete, anyway.

          3. re: maplesugar

            I'll still order pizza from them at the new location, and drive down to pick it up.

            I don't know if Vogglio does a lot of walk-in traffic. They don't sell slices, and I don't think people go there to eat inside the store. Still, the current location is much more visible than anywhere near 11th St and 6th Ave. Lots of cars drive by, but they're going 60 km/h and headed for Bow Trail.

            1. re: 23skidoo

              Yeah, well put. I was trying to get at that - the visibility. At least where they are currently stationed, people see them. 14th and 16th, despite whatever drawbacks, is far better than a dead corner. The residential population alone can sustain a good business, which is what, I believe, they've relied on. Where they're moving is a massive risk.

          4. I think Vogglio will be at the current (14th St) location for a while yet. I went in today and they're partway through a renovation (still open though!)