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Apr 10, 2010 07:04 PM

Roof top Drinks Asheville

I have heard about a new place to have cocktails on a roof in Asheville
Where? and is the food worth trying>

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  1. I had asked a similar question awhile back and didn't come up with much. Is this supposed to be a brand new place? Sazerac has an outdoor bar area on their second floor, but not really "rooftop". I would love to know about one for the summer!

    here's the old thread - didn't know if you'd seen it.

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    1. re: Scirocco

      Sazerac does indeed have a roof bar, but not much of a view. You may be thinking of the Sky Club.

      1. re: miss piggy

        Has the Sky Club reopened and what's the word on Sazerac?

      1. re: Spreadhead

        but, Sky Club isn't new. Mustardgirl, do you know where this "new" place is?

        btw, I think my friend Sky Club opens on the 15th. and if it is Sky Club, they don't have food that I know of and it is a service bar so nothing too fancy, I guess?

        I've been to Sazerac for light food and it was good. Not amazing, but solidly good. Their patio space upstairs looks really nice, but there was still snow out there when we were there, so we didn't sit outside. :) it's a second floor view.

        1. re: Scirocco

          Sky Club opened about a week ago. We were there the other night and it was very nice. We also tried Sazerac for lunch and it was good. The duck gumbo was delicious. The roasted pear salad was so-so, but the smoked turkey and brie sandwich was very good. It was pretty empty at lunchtime, but the waitress/bartender said it was much busier later. I think it's a nice space and will be back.

      2. Finally made it to the Sky Club a couple weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. We pretty much had the second level to ourselves and enjoyed a spectacular view and sunset over the mountains. I was surprised it wasn't busier, but when we left, there were a lot of people on the top level. There is a decent drink list, although not expansive. Kind of pricey, but honestly, not much worse than you'd find at the nicer restaurants. And my husband's scotch pour was incredibly generous. A double, if I had to guess. My martini (some sort of "fruitini") was good, but I think I'd try a different one next time. And I was wrong in my other post, they do serve food...sandwiches, salads, apps and desserts. Didn't try any of it, so can't comment on that.

        Are the drinks and food special? Not really. Is the venue and view special? you bet. We'll be back for sure.

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        1. re: Scirocco

          Haven't tried the food yet, and the drinks are steep, but the view is worth it, esp. at sunset.

        2. I only know about Sazerac & the Sky Bar, which is hardly a rooftop bar but more like a bar on scaffolding :) I prefer Sazerac. I have not heard of Sky Club!? Off to Google...

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          1. re: mtnmchgrl

            Pretty sure Sky Bar and Sky Club are one and the same...tI think he actual name is Sky Club.

          2. The original comment has been removed