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Apr 10, 2010 04:46 PM

What's up with Spice Corner?

Spice Corner in the Italian Market has been closed since January with the a sign on the door:

"Still in catch-22 with the city but I'll be back soon" (see attached photo)

Anyone know what's going on? This was my go-to place for spices. Does anywhere else have the low prices and high quality of Spice Corner?

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  1. l use Head Nut in Ardmore, many have posted they feel the people are rude, but l have had no problem. If you get to Manhattan try to hit Kalustyan on Lex in the high 20's. You will be blown away at the variety. Prices have increased there, burt you should experience it at least once, then go to 2nd St Deli for lunch on 33rd.

    1. There is (or was) a really comprehensive coffee and spice vendor in the Strafford Farmer's Market in Wayne. Years ago, it was run by Bill Drinkwater. He sold the business to a new owner but I haven't been back in a while.

      1. the Spice Terminal at the Reading Terminal Market is good too.

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          that is where i go when i don't go to the spice corner....

        2. There's a small spice store on 9th St on the east side (opposite side from Spice Corner) and a block or so south--a more limited selection but the products they sell are good quality.

          1. I saw a sign the other day that mentioned after easter they would be opening up. I usually walk by on my way home from work, I'll get an update when I walk past today.