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Zinc Bistro Revisited

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So almost two years ago to the day I posted this discussion about an absolutely terrible experience my husband and I had had at Zinc Bistro: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5071...

It had been a favorite place of ours but indeed it put us off enough that we hadn't been back in two years.

Yesterday I wanted to take one of my grad school friends out for lunch for her bday. I was going to take her the Farm but our other friend that was accompanying us had just been there earlier this week and I decided I needed to come up with another option. I wanted somewhere we could sit outside and somewhere the bday girl probably hadn't been to and wasn't likely to take herself due to the budget constraints grad students face. She's also been really missing Paris lately, where she has family and has spent a great deal of time. OK...why not....it's been a couple years so let's give Zinc another try.

There were three of us on the patio. The service yesterday was excellent, a complete reverse from my last experience. One friend had the chicken and brie sandwich and seemed to really like it. Other friend and myself had the scallops and black lentils. The scallops and lentils were well prepared...I wasn't crazy about the almost neon yellow mustard cream sauce but overall the dish was enjoyable. The bday girl picked the strawberry poppyseed souffle for dessert which was quite good.

We weren't rushed at all and allowed to enjoy our bottle of wine at leisure. We weren't asked about the souffle when ordering lunch and when the waiter mentioned it at the end of the meal I was surprised and even asked if it wouldn't cause a table issue if we ordered one at this point...I was assured it would be no problem at all. (there were open tables on the patio so I felt OK ordering it).

All in all a much better experience. I think I'll take my husband up for some steak frites.

Anyway, felt I should post about a good experience to be fair since my last visit there was such a poor experience and that one was discussed here at length.

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  1. I ordered the Steak Frites for lunch and dinner. On the lunch menu they sometimes are not there, but they are happy to make them for you if you ask.

    Zinc Bistro Steak Frites with a nice Cote du Rhone, sitting outside on a bistro table. One of the best experiences in the Valley of the Sun.

    Not sunny here in Oregon right now, but I will be at Zinc's on the 18th, 8 days to go.