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Izakaya Ju @ J-Town?

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I walked by J-Town today and noticed the sign of this new restaurant. Has anyone been?? I heard that they serve yakitori as well. Would be interesting to see how good they are .....

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  1. I have only tried their yakitori when they were still a stall outside J-Town. They use charcoal to grill and it is pretty good ! I am looking forward to try it.

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    1. re: skylineR33

      Hope they are as good as Japango, especially the sauce?! Then I don't have to drive all the way downtown!

      122 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G1P5, CA

    2. Just tried it tonight! They've only been open ten days so there are still some rough spots when it comes to service and timing. The servers were very friendly but it took quite a while for our food to come.

      We had mostly yakitori (as I've been looking for something that would come close to Yakitori Totto in NYC) and so far, this is the best I've had in Toronto. The yakitori had that distinct smokiness that only comes from proper grilling. Yummy!

      We ordered thigh (tare and salt), chicken wings and chicken balls from the yakitori menu. The thighs were cooked properly. It had a good sear on the outside but very juicy inside, Chicken wings with salt was excellent!. The chicken balls were good but not mind-blowing. They ran out of chicken skin, liver and gizzard so we def need to go back and try those.

      From the grilled menu, we also ordered beef tongue and pork cheek. Both very excellent!!! I little heavy on the pepper, but we didn't mind as we are all pepper fans. The pork cheek was moist and tender with just the right char to have some crispness. Simple but very well executed.

      We also ordered a rice topping with steamed ground chicken, which was very flavorful.

      There were 4 of us and with our orders (12 yakitori sticks, beef tongue, pork cheek and rice topping), no drinks (not licensed yet), our bill came to $70 incl tax and tip.

      BTW, they only take cash. But that will probably change in the near future and they sort out all the operating kinks. We will definitely be back!

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        Thanks for the review. How's the service there ? Is it efficient provided that they just opened ? They always ran out of chicken skin when they were still a stall outside J-Town and they have this same problem too ?! Hope they stock up more because I love chicken skin !

        1. re: skylineR33

          I was disappointed that they had no skin or liver or gizzard! Maybe next time we need to go earlier in the evening.

          Service was friendly but the kitchen was slow. I think they're still getting used to the volume. It was a full house tonight so maybe that's why. It took almost 20 minutes before any of our dishes came out.

          I'd give them maybe another month to iron out the "flow."

          1. re: ctl98

            I went there last night hoping to try them out. Been talking to the owner at the stall for the last few months so was eager to try when I found out they finally opened.

            Dunno how the food was cause I couldn't get a table, but I can say that the servers need to learn how to serve customers better.

            When we first walked in, one of the table just freed up. So one of the servers told us that it only going to be a few minutes wait for them to clean the table. After waiting for about 5-10 mins, they have finally cleaned the table, and the server were about to seat us. At this point, another server came over, said something to our server. Our server then turn around, and told us that the table is not available, it has be reserved!

            At this point, I was still ok, it might have been an honest mistake. So I asked, "how long is the wait?". This is when things turn odd. The first response was, "I don't know". Second try was, " 30 mins to an hour, may be longer." This is already at around 8:40pm and they close at 10pm. She kept on babbling different things, basically all of which were asking us to leave, so we turn around and left.

            The whole episode left a bad taste in my mouth. I like the owner from my experience with him, but if this place is going to be successful, he should replace his staff with more experienced ones.

      2. What's the price for the skewers? Is it per skewer or per order of 2?

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          Hey anyone knows what time do they close is it like the rest of J-Town which I recall closed at 7?

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            The price is per skewer. Most of the skewers are $2 but there are a couple that are $3.

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              Chicken wing and chicken ball are $3, the rest (skin, thigh, green onion, liver, gizzard, soft knee bone) are $2.

              That's to my recollection, I could be wrong.

          2. I called to ask for hrs of operation and let's just say engrish was not their strong suit. Couldn't get a clear answer from her but I think she said 5:30 is when they open for dinner. Couldn't get them to tell me if they have a booth open during the day though.

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              They open both for lunch and dinner. They are close on Monday. No more booth, and lunch does not have yakitori, only 5-6 kinds of lunch set. Reservation is only allowed from Tuesday to Thursday. Service is efficient and good at lunch today as they are only half full.

              1. re: skylineR33

                So I went for an early dinner tonight, around 6pm. By 6:30, the restaurant was full, with people waiting at the door. Their hours are around 12 - 3:30 and 5:30 - 10, I think....

                There are 36 seats in the place, manned by 3 servers and 2 cooks, no license yet so no booze for now. I ordered the following....

                salmon natto w/ mountain yam, okra
                ebi mayo
                yakitori (skin, thigh, liver, gizzard)

                Overall I found them lacking in seasoning. The salmon natto was bland w/ no salt at all, it was much better after I spiked it w/ some shoyu that was on the table. After that it was tasty enough, but a very small portion for $10. Comparison would obviously be with Guu as they offer a very similar dish, and their version trumps Ju's because it's seasoned properly.

                The yakitori was lacking in smoke/charcoal flavour, charring and finally seasoning again. I got all of them in shio except for the thigh, w/ tare. It needs a sodium kick (in a big way) and also more caramelization to give it that proper flavour we all expect from yakitori. The gizzard was a total pass, it sorely needed a crispy exterior to contrast the usual rubbery-ness of gizzard. The skin wasn't crispy at all, soggy city. Of the 4, I would only order the liver and thigh again.

                The ebi mayo for the lack of a better term was just plain bland, my gf felt the shrimp was undercooked but I was fine with it. Lots of kewpie, w/ a bed of sliced tomatoes and greens underneath. Portion size for it was much bigger than the salmon natto, at $8.

                At this point, we were pretty disappointed with the food, but decided to order an ochazuke to fill us up. A good call as it was the best dish of the night. A nicely seasoned dashi, proper textured rice combined w/ takowasa. Pretty damn sure the takowasa is the exact same stuff Guu is using. According to another poster in another thread it's acquired from Nishimoto, a restaurant wholesaler in Richmond Hill. I'm tempted to go pickup a huge tub of this stuff.

                I'm not dying to return, but would like to try some of the other dishes like the pork intestine stew in miso broth. The long awaited ramen-ya (Niwa-Tei) is opening next door, along w/ a bistro called Shiso-Tree. Construction looks to be a ways off still. All 3 restaurants share the same bathrooms.

                Service was friendly in the reserved/apologetic Japanese way.

                1. re: aser

                  With $2 a skew (no tax and tip), I am quite satisfied with their quality when they are still a stall outside J-Town ... hope they will get better. It is better than some of the one I tried in Japan but of course there are many better one in Japan too.

                  1. re: skylineR33

                    I never got the chance to try the booth robata version, but their indoor grill at the restaurant isn't pumping out the requisite charcoal flavour I like about yakitori.

                    Try it for yourself and let me know how it compares to your booth experience.

                    I also noticed the cook was seasoning the yakitori w/ a wide salt shaker instead of using his fingers. Maybe that's why the seasoning was weak, because most of the salt shaken on the skewers landed outside of it.

                    1. re: aser

                      Hmmm. Maybe they're still having problems with consistency. When we went the yakitori was well seasoned. Took a while, but flavors were good. I think they're a bit overwhelmed with the volume of people. For instance one or two sticks of the thigh that we ordered needed a bit more char. But when it was good (like the wings ) it was very good! I'm going to wait a month or si before going back. Let them get settled and all.

                      1. re: ctl98

                        If they're opened 6 days a week for both lunch and dinner, then they probably have at least 2 or 3 crews of cooks working. Which means there will be more inconsistency than a place that's only open 5 days a week.

                        I'll revisit a few months later for the pork intestine stew.

                  2. re: aser

                    Hello Aser,

                    Just had dinner there. Ordered almost all the char-grilled items from 26 to 32 on the menu, plus the ox-tongue. My experience was totally opposite than yours!!??!! Everything was nicely executed with nice smokey flavour and aroma. Our gizzards has crispy skin and nice crunchy texture. Apart from the soft bone, we all ordered the tare. The sauce was very nice, just a touch less tasty than Japango's version.
                    Only mishap was the chicken balls which was slightly burnt. Ox tongue was very good!
                    Had a bowl of Kake soba and a plate of Ja Ja Mien to finish the meal. Overall, pretty satisfying! Service was very friendly and attentive. Next time I'll go with a larger group so that I can try more of their stuff!

                    122 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G1P5, CA

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Hey Charles, was it very busy ? Do they get liquor license yet ?

                      1. re: skylineR33

                        Surprisingly, not busy at all! Only half full at 7.30 pm. Didn't notice the liquor license part. You want sake with your yakitoris?

                        1. re: Charles Yu

                          Beer, sake ... they are all fine with me.

                        2. re: skylineR33

                          As of last weekend, they did not have a liquor license yet.

                        3. re: Charles Yu

                          Good to know that my good experience was not a one off thing. Can't wait to go back to have gizzard, liver and chicken skin. Do they still only take cash?

                          1. re: Charles Yu

                            I went on friday and enjoyed it. Found the service a little confused, but still friendly...

                            the monkfish liver was interesting, i have never had it before so i dont know how it compares, but now i understand why it is called the foie gras of the sea...

                            the pork cheek was my favourite, as it had a strong charcoal scent to it

                            for the yakitori, only the chicken meat had a strong smokey aroma, the rest were a bit weak, but still good... better than emateis though not as good as totto or tori shin in NYC for tenderness (dont know how the liver just melts there... is it rare?)

                            too bad no chicken hearts on the menu, will try the chargilled ox tongue next.

                            also had the ozakusui (SP) with tako wasabi and pork intestine soup (though i think it was pork stomach soup...)... both satisfying.

                            1. re: Charles Yu

                              I went tonight, overall satisfy with the food too. Yakitori except the soft bone is nicely grilled with good smokey flavour. I found they make the "teriyaki" version better than the "salt" version. Kaka soba is also good. Ankimo monkfish liver is ok with the texture quality a bit hard, on par with a lots of other places in Toronto, but can't expect too much on this one in Toronto. Beef sashimi is lack of taste, not good. Black Cod is very nice, good quality cod with nicely grilled crispy skin. All the other dishes I tried such as the small fish rice bowl, Ja Ja mein, Ebi Mayo are ok.

                              I will definitely go back for yakitori and try out more dishes. There are rooms for improvement. With $2 a yakitori (leg and leek), it is good value and quality. It may not be as good as NYC Totto or Japan's, but finally, I find a place which satisfies my craving for this type of Japanese food !!

                              Their lunch is ok too, but there is no yakitori menu, just different kinds of lunch set.

                              1. re: skylineR33

                                I might have seen you there, skyline! I was there from 6:30-8. Finally got to try the gizzard and liver..yum! Alas, no skin again. But the Botan ebi was amazing. We had them fry the heads, like in Inatei.

                            2. re: aser

                              Went to Ju with the family tonight and overall I didn't think it was anything to write home about. The Bincho Tan's taste was sort of one note throughout all of the skewers and they didn't vary the smokiness according to the pieces of meat they served. I didn't think the quality was that great overall and I don't think they use very good shio. I ordered every skewer off the menu in both Tare and Shio along with a Ja Ja Mein, which was the highlight of the night for me.

                              I guess they're ok at $2 per skewer but I still find myself wanting to pay more for a better product. Not worth the trek up to Steeles for me.

                              1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                                I don't think anyone has described it as a destination spot. It is a good addition to dining scene in Markham though, or a place to get fix when craving for yakitori in an izakaya-style restaurant, or any other place up North ?

                                1. re: skylineR33

                                  I really wanted it to be a destination spot though! My expectations get in the way yet again.

                                  1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                                    Well, yeah, let's hope they will improve.

                        4. Drop by Izakaya Ju for lunch today and order a soba in soup with slice duck breast that come with a salad and IIRC it is $10 before tax and tips. The salad is a bowl of very fresh spring mix with an excellent salad dressing which have tangy, sweet and salty flavour in perfect balance. The soba have the perfect texture with just the right firmness to the bite accompanied with the well cooked duck breast pieces (7/8 pieces) in a flavorful clear broth with some chooped radish and nori.bits. Very satisfied.

                          I can't wait to try their other lunch dishes and yakitori (only available at dinner time)

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                          1. re: aliangwb

                            I just wanted to clarify, is Ju in Markham, next to the huge Toyota and Lexus dealership?

                            1. re: marshies

                              yup, it is in Jtown, behind that congee royale place...

                          2. I went there last week. I was kind of expecting a real Izakaya, which it isn't like at all. Like the ones in Japan. It isn't LLBO licensed either, for starters.

                            The yakitori is indeed quite good, but I tried a lot of other things on the menu and they were average at best.

                            I'm a little disappointed, to be honest, and I want to visit Guu Izakaya (downtown) which I hear is more authentic and good.

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                            1. re: suckfail

                              Let's see what they can do after they get their liquor license. FYI, the Japanese wine/beer selection in Guu's drink menu is very limited, nothing like the ones in Japan as well. But at least there is 'good' yakitori in Ju, there is no yakitori at all at Guu.

                              1. re: skylineR33

                                In fairness to Guu though, I've been to plenty of izakaya in Japan that didn't serve yakitori. You want great yakitori in Japan, you hit a smoky yakitori-ya in some back alley.

                                But agreed that Guu could use some work in the drinks department, I'd like to see a range of sakes in there.

                                1. re: childofthestorm

                                  Well, I have also been to a number of Izakaya in Japan that serves yakitori. I guess the point here is people in Toronto are really looking forward to have a place which serves yakitori and there is almost none (or only very limited selection) in Toronto area, except may be Ematei in downtown, but is not as good as Ju. So Ju satisifies our craving for yakitori.

                                  1. re: skylineR33

                                    I agree. Ju fulfills the yakitori need. I won't even compare to Guu because I go to each for different reasons. Can't wait for Ju to get its liquor license.

                                    1. re: skylineR33

                                      But what we REALLY need is a yakitori bar in Toronto, like Yakitori Totto in NY. Given the success of Guu, some restaurant person with some money to invest should really make this happen.

                                      1. re: childofthestorm

                                        Yea, sure, I want a real high-end sushi bar like those in Japan too. Or a real tempura place.

                                        I hope there will be more variety on Ju's yakitori menu in the future.

                                        1. re: skylineR33

                                          i think you hit the nail on the head: variety. that's the real crux of the Japanese Izakaya's. You can get sashimi, or yakitori (sometimes), or just random dishes from them.

                                          from what you guys are saying about Guu, it's not that great either :(. Sucks.

                                          1. re: suckfail

                                            Guu is good if you order the right dishes, which is pretty much like most restaurants. The salmon natto there is far superior to Ju's rendition. I would avoid the dishes that rely too heavily on the kewpie.

                                            It's catching a lot of flack because of the insane lineups, people love to hate.

                                            I'll give Ju another shot, but I'm certain I caught them on a bad day because the yakitori lacked everything you guys are talking about when I had it.

                              2. Finally went there recently for dinner..... their food is more down-to-earth than Guu (I am
                                not a fan of dishes with mayo.... but Guu's stewed dishes are great!) and some items are good.

                                They have mostly grilled items though and the menu is limited. The service is also quite slow (they either need to speed up in the kitchen or get more staff since the restaurant was only half full at the time). For yakitori, the marinades are alright..but they do not seem to know how to control the heat of the grill that well. The chicken skin we ordered was not soggy but just not crispy all the way through. The soft bone seemed not to have grilled much. The gizzards were great though.

                                Since this location is much closer to us than Guu, we probably would head back again but only after awhile until they have improved in their speed and yakitori grilling skills.

                                1. ordered everything except the chicken wings on the yakitori section.
                                  even tried the momo (leg meat) with both shio (salt) and tare (sauce).
                                  the one with the sauce are better.

                                  the chicken meat ball we ordered the one with sauce (ordered at 2nd round).
                                  chicken skin was at 50% crisp, and the rest are real close to being crisp.
                                  too bad the leeks with the chicken were really burnt, and the chicken soft bone were burnt too.
                                  the gizzard and the liver were great!

                                  beef tongue went over the edge with salt, as we were tasting the Motsuni (Pork intestine miso stew), we were shocked by the amount of salt on the beef tongue (and the ones hit ours).

                                  we also tried the Ochazuke (お茶漬け)(Japanese Rice with soup), the broth was nice, and it was filling too.

                                  TOO BAD they don't have any beer or sake, as they don't have the license. I don't see they post the application on their door (which is the requirement if you want to apply for it), are they not applying or can't get one?!


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                                  1. re: canchi

                                    i"ZAKA"ya (居"酒"屋) without alcohol? I don't understand...
                                    Looking at their menu I'm tempted to try their hotaruika, neba neba,
                                    ankimo and so on but what good can they do without sake?

                                    If they want to be a restaurant that's fine, but if they want to be izakaya
                                    like they claim to be, I hope they get their license soon...

                                    1. re: lilith

                                      I went on Wednesday. It's just not the same without the alcohol.

                                      1. re: lilith

                                        Does anyone what kind of drinks they serve?
                                        Their website says they now serve alcohol but they don't have a menu.

                                        1. re: lilith

                                          Sorry for laaaate reply lilith, here is a photo I snapped of the drink menu

                                    2. I've now become a frequent customer of Izakaya Ju and had to write about it. My favourites:
                                      The Agedashi Mochi- a delicious must try- large gooey pieces of mochi swims in the perfect dashi broth with a slightly crispy skin. It equals my love for Guu's cheese bi bim bap.
                                      The Spare Ribs - fall off the bone with a distinct Asian five spice flavour
                                      Gindara Daikon - large piece of soft soy/dashi soaked radish with tender pieces of black cod
                                      Ochazuke Takowasa - earthy light broth with whole grains of rice and small pieces of squid with freshly ground wasabi
                                      Ikura & Salmon Gohan- small bowl of perfectly steamed rice with roe and fresh salmon sashimi
                                      Yakitori - My favourites were the leg and chicken wings... some could say it's pricey but he uses real binchotan plus he stands there and fans each piece that hits the grill... for $2-$3 / skewer, it's not a lot considering each bite is crispy with a light distinct charcoal flavour.
                                      Though it doesn't have the lively atmosphere of Guu, and he's still waiting for his liquor license (yes, he has applied but is waiting!), Ju cooks with heart and authenticity. Definitely worth a visit!

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                                      1. re: so_lovefood

                                        Went to Ju last night at around 9pm, the place was basically empty with just another group of 3 in it. Was there on Friday around 7:30pm and was told all the seats are taken by reservation, and the wait will be around an hour. So I guess going on a Sunday night is definitely a better choice.
                                        Ordered a few skewers: Nankotsu, Tsukune and Teba, I would say the soft bone is the best. It has some favor on its own (probably seasoned?) and with a little burn smell, it is just the perfect snack to go with the beer. Yes, they serve alcohol now!! With about 4 different beer and plenty of sake to choose from.
                                        The other plate I like is the Ton toro (pork cheek), it is juicy and tender, I can probably finish the dish on my own (about 10 big pieces in total).
                                        Their spare BBQ ribs is also good! The sauce is very special with little spicy, it is another good plate to go with the beer.
                                        I would definitely go back to try their other skewers, just didn't have the space in my stomach that late in the night.

                                        1. re: GabL

                                          In addition to that, Inakaya on Willowdale and Sheppard do serve some good grill food as well... for those that are tired of sashimi/sushi like me, that is a good place to try also! They have a good selection of sake too, although I haven't tried any yet, as I found they are a bit pricey... too bad they don't allow you to BYOS.

                                          126 Willowdale Ave, Toronto, ON M2N4Y2, CA

                                      2. Went there not so long ago, actually, NYE! Went with a friend and ordered 7 items. Including:

                                        Tuna sashimi (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5163/5...
                                        )Grilled soft chicken bone (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5204/5...
                                        )Rice ball in broth (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5042/5...
                                        )Deep fried fresh shrimp (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5081/5...
                                        )Grilled beef tongue (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5248/5...
                                        )Grilled mackerel (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5288/5...
                                        )Stuffed chicken wings (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5161/5...
                                        )Green tea ice cream (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5008/5...
                                        )Black sesame ice cream (http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5287/5...


                                        Of note.. Tuna sashimi, deep fried fresh shrimp, grilled mackerel and stuffed chicken wings were from the Holiday Menu that was drawn up on the blackboard.

                                        Tuna sashimi was super awesome. We started our meal extravaganza off with it, and it was so fresh and light that it opened our stomachs up for more. As the next 2 dishes came, we ate it concurrently as we couldn't finish the sashimi in time and wanted to devour the next two dishes as they were hot.. so it gave the effect of rinsing our mouths of freshness after each other dish. The sauce it came with was a soy with a very citrusy note... with onions and wakame. Super delightful.

                                        Grilled soft chicken bone was interesting! I dont know why I ordered two skewers.. mostly because I went with a friend, and I thought we would have one each to ourselves. But totally could have ordered another type of skewer too. I wanted to get the chicken wing, but they werent making it that day, so I opted for the soft chicken bone, not realizing that I should get something else as well... Oh well, another time!

                                        Then the rice came. Very hearty. I liked that it was a blander food whereby I could be matching flavours with.. and indeed I was having the rice with the onion from the sashimi dish. The broth was just right as well... warmed us up to our very little toes.

                                        Deep fried fresh shrimp was a fail. One, it wasn't fried enough. The head was still soft. I was so looking forward to chomping that head right off with a crunch, but alas, no. Two, there was no seasoning in the batter. Three, the shrimp itself was not fresh at all. I understand it's the T&T ones, where they're flown from Vancouver, and they're enthusiastically swimming in their tanks. But no.. I've tried buying them once with Mum, and then quickly boiling them in hot water only to find that their dainty little bodies are not full of sweetness at all. Nothing like the shrimps from the salt/fresh waters of Hong Kong .. Anyway, back to Izakaya Ju's shrimps - fail. Don't order it. Not worth the $6 or whatever it was.

                                        Mmmm.. Grilled beef tongue. The texture was great. I was imagining something more thicker, more chewier, but they sliced it enough that it wasnt too too chewy .. but could still definitely taste the tongue. There was a sprinkling of salt on top when it was done.. Just a perfectly executed grilling.

                                        Then came our second round of ordering. But by now, we were quite full.. and didnt want to overstuff ourselves, knowing that dessert could be around the corner. So instead of getting the fried rice with octopus (also on the Holiday Menu), we opted for grilled mackerel, as the table next to us ordered almost everything we did, we relied on the one dish that we didnt have in common with them. And boy were they right.. I've not had grilled fish this good in a while. Sometimes, sometimes in AYCE places, I would get the grilled saury and get a bit of the grill-y-ness of a fish.. but sometimes, if not executed properly, it's bitter (a gut was probably not removed properly). In any case, this mackerel was great in that there was a lot of fish-y-ness about it, but it was a good one, mixed with lots of lemon juice. Beware of small bones though. The flakiness was excellent, as we chowed down sections of the fish one at a time... it was just enough for 2 people to share. Awesome.

                                        And the last dish of our "second round..." My friend said, "No no, we have to do the stuffed chicken wings... Four-square's telling us to!" So we ordered it, and no regrets about it. It was fantastically heaven. The wing itself was grilled just right, with the right amount of sauce (very heavy tasting though.. but probably because it was towards the end of our meal), and the stuffing (pork and some type of veggie.. leeks, probably? or spinach?) was meaty. I can still remember my first bite into it. You'd be expecting of the normal chicken wing consistency, but then its the stuffing that blows you away ... The stuffing doesnt have much flavour on its own, maybe that's why the sauce on the wing was that strong. And when the wingette was done, do finish the wing tip because the flavour lingers on. The wings they have chosen to stuff are actually quite meaty, as the wingtip had quite a bit of meat on it too.

                                        Dessert. First black sesame ice cream ever, and I'm in love. We should have ordered two and forgo the green tea! I'm in search of a black sesame ice cream now, to forever live in my fridge... at least, with lots and lots of descendants..

                                        Best NYE's dinner EVAR!!!

                                        1. Went there recently for dinner, and personally, I was disappointed. The menus were kind of confusing because we weren't too knowledgeable about japanese cuisine, and the servers weren't too fluent in English either. As for the food itself, the price didn't justify its portions nor quality. The food was o-k... The place was small and crowded too.

                                          1. Went last night as I was in the area looking for Patio furniture.

                                            Perhaps the hype (or positive feedback) I have read set expectations too high, but there were very few items (and we tasted a lot) which we actually enjoyed (Yakitori - Liver, hearts, thighs were all great - with sauce. Chicken skin was flabby (not a good way to put so much on one stick to achieve crispness)).

                                            The udon was lacking in any flavour, all you could taste was a hint of bonito. Everything else was just ok.

                                            The scary part is that the bill came to $95 for 2 people (1 beer had). Granted we ordered a bit too much, but I wanted to explore.

                                            Not worth it.