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Apr 10, 2010 02:30 PM

The BottleHouse Beer Parlour - Calgary (Kensington)

Opening April 2010.
At the location formerly known as "Robbie Stewart's".
The "For Sale" sign is gone.
The outside signage has been changed.
No real content on the website yet.

But it does look hopeful.
From the Contact page:
"Front and Back of House Staff
Kensington's newest Pub seeking dynamic, talented chef, sous-chefs, line cooks, and front of house staff to work in a fun, professional atmosphere. Located in the trendy community of Kensington, you have the opportunity to continue a time honoured tradition of providing excellent food and drink in a friendly, unique atmosphere. If you have the skill set and experience to be a part of a great innovative team please forward your resumes"

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  1. That logo is hideous. But let's all wish them luck.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      Wow, it really is. I wish for them not only luck, but a competent graphic designer.

      1. re: Leibowitz


        I have to agree the font is terrible! and they should add a witch doctor to the hire list.. that place needs a total curse removal sweet grass voodoo dance!

        I would love to see a successful business use that great space... but no one has pulled it of in year and years.

        The concept sounds good, I will cross my fingers for the beer parlour!

        1. re: CookieGal

          Well let's do more than just 'cross our fingers' and actually give it a try? I think I have gone to every place in that has been in that location. Some being better than others. Robbie Stewarts was...meh - nothing special. That location does seemed jinxed though. I'm sure there is a thread somewhere on that topic. A completely different concept, other than pub, might have been a better idea but but I'll still check it out for sure.

          1. re: TSAW

            As a beer lover, if they have a decent brew menu, I'll definitely check it out. I'm still going to cringe every time I walk past that sign, though.

    2. Opening this thread is pure Schadenfreude.

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      1. re: Jetgirly


        Beer menu is up;

        Here's to hoping for these folks... But man, call in Max Von Sydow for the location.

        1. re: seemac70

          Well, that's...better than nothing. I imagine they'll expand their selection as time goes on. If time goes on.

            1. re: TSAW

              Yum agreed!

              Truly though, if a beer place on the corner of a busy intersection in arguably the most walked area in town can't be successful I say we just show some mercy, plow the darn place over and put up a McDonalds.

              Or maybe a church would be better suited, lol

              1. re: messier

                church? in the most secular neighbourhood of one of the most secular cities in north america?

                There are plenty of can't-miss options for that building. Kensington is full of mediocre to horrid coffeehouses but bereft of even one excellent one- if Phil & Sebastian opened there, they'd have non-stop lineups. I can think if plenty of other examples but it's not going to happen if a pioneer that nobody's ever heard of, with crappy corp identity and not selling anything you can't get at dozens of other pubs or restos keeps trying to get its feet in the door there.

                McDonald's- no thanks, but how about, finally, an inner-city Fatburger?

                1. re: Leibowitz

                  Not sure, about that one!

                  I just think Tom Cruise is the best.

                  When I think about what might work at this "cursed" location, I kind of end up coming back to a nameplate chain or some such. Not that I'm hoping, it's just that one aspect of franchising is that market share is purchased to a certain extent and people will more or less just walk in on that basis; "Hey look, a Subway."

                  What's weird is that on many levels the joint has so many things in its favour, technically speaking. Highly visible location, located in an area that skews younger, lots of foot traffic, etc.

                  However, Kensington is saturated with middle of the road pub/sports bars. Take your pick of the mediocre lot; Molly's, K-Pub, Yardhouse, Beagle, Fats. Some better that others, but nothing to write home about. Chicken wings, anyone?

                  Anyways, if they really nail down something that sets them apart, they may have a chance.

                  1. re: seemac70

                    But so far, it doesn't look like ANYTHING is going to set them apart. You hit the nail on the head...there are already too many other places doing this and doing it better (though still kinda mediocre).

                    You know what I want to see there?

                    A Caribbean place. Doesn't have to be super authentic, just tasty, spicy and CHEAP. No more than 10 items on the menu. PERIOD. End of story, don't try to be all things to all'll end up doing all of them BAD. 4 Apps, a salad, a rotating soup selection, 4 (maybe 5) mains. But everything prepared fresh, great ingredients, and priced fair. Desert? One desert. Key Lime Pie, but the best damn Key Lime Pie in the nation. Charge $15 for that sucker, and make it worth it! 10 regular beers, 4 new ones each month/season. NO MOLSON or LABATT. Rye, rum, vodka, tequilla, gin. THAT'S IT! (maybe one good scotch)

                    Pay well. Hire smart, not cute.

                    I live down the street, and if you do this I will be there EVERY SINGLE DAY and I will tell all of my friends to do the same.



                      1. re: KcM

                        Key Lime pie isn't caribbean and Key West faux "caribbean"with conch this and that is not going to fool anyone. Put a decent Jamaican place there. Desert can be something like soursop ice cream, or better yet, no freaking desert.

                        I do agree with your idea in principle, though, but I'd much prefer someplace like TO's Burrito Boyz.

                        1. re: John Manzo

                          I agree. No dessert in a WI resto. Throw some tamrind balls in a dish to whack your palate after your meal. And serve home brewed gingerbeer for sure.

                          Good spice, good beer, fast service. I would park wherever I had to and walk in to get that!

                          Now I'm craving peas and rice with brown gravy. Darn you! :)

                      2. re: seemac70

                        I think that there are a lot of reasons behind that being a "cursed" location that has nothing to do with curses and everything to do with location.

                        1) Highly visible from Memorial Drive, but not so much from 10th street.
                        2) Any pedestrians in Kensington will walk north of Kensington but don't turn south.
                        3) Parking, parking, parking. I believe that they may even have some...but IIRC it is accessible from Memorial Drive, east of 10th and only from westbound traffic. Even if you're driving on Memorial westbound, you pass the parking entrance before you see the building.

                        Unless someone can turn this into a "destination" type restaurant, I don't foresee the cycle of quick closures every changing.

                      3. re: John Manzo

                        'Inner-city Fatburger' - I like how you think :-)

                        1. re: John Manzo

                          Or a bakery! Dying for a real bakery in Kensington.

                          1. re: John Manzo

                            Fatburger.. finally a place I agree with you on! After your reco fro Una, Farm and Jaroblue I started thinking we have very different taste buds

                        2. re: TSAW

                          If they are really bringing in Pumphouse from NB, that would be really cool. I've heard good things (but we don't have it in BC yet!).

                    1. The original comment has been removed
                      1. At a quick glance, Bottlescrew Bill's seems to have two or three times the beer selection, so they're The BottleHouse isn't really upping the ante in regards to the "beer parlour" part of their equation. I wish them the best of luck, but in reality, my expectations are set quite low.

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                        1. re: darelleats

                          Agreed. There are already many other places, Bottlescrew's included, with far more selection for brew. Hell, this reads as a lesser (than the already mediocre) Original Joe's.
                          Kawa - a coffee house - has a more innovative beer menu, as does the new Charcut - a restaurant. The Ship and Anchor has more on tap than they do on their entire menu. Like I said, tho, let's hope they expand it once they get going. They'll have to do it quickly, tho.

                          1. re: Leibowitz

                            I see one brew on the beer menu that I don't believe I've ever seen in a resto;

                            Colt 45!

                            They must be going after the teen hip-hop kid dollar.

                            1. re: seemac70

                              It's for the, um, urban market. Maybe to commemorate Billy D Williams being here for Comic Con next week.

                              1. re: John Manzo

                                Shoulda had Boba in one of his old 45 ads! (After all, it: "Works Every Time")

                                1. re: seemac70

                                  How has nobody called you out for this horrible gaffe yet?? It's Lando....not Boba :P

                                  1. re: electroleum

                                    Obviously... But thanks for outing the geek factor.

                                    Boba would have made a cool guest appearance with Billy Dee. You know, two buddies, aloft on a Bespin Saturday night flight into the clouds. Maybe R2 and 3PO could show them to the "other" side of town, even.

                              2. re: seemac70

                                That's actually a pretty funny "beer" (malt liquor) to have on the menu. I bet the kids will order it ironically.

                          2. Not an original idea on the Colt 45. MING on 17th has been serving it for years and it comes wrapped in a paper bag which is the only way to drink a Colt!

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                            1. re: Doc1200

                              The "bum bag" of the story! Cops can never tell what's in a paper bag... Right? One may then imbibe in public in a relaxed fashion.