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Apr 10, 2010 02:12 PM

Sticky Fingers BBQ............

They have locations in NC, SC and TN. Reckon the Q is outstanding?

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  1. No, in fact, it is quite subpar.

    1. I use the sauce occasionally at home, but the Q is fairly standard. Not the worst I've ever had, but nothing to really write home about, either.

      1. I'd say below average at best. It has actually gotten worse over the years as they've gotten bigger. The last I had forced upon me was tasteless even with the sauce.

        With so many locally made sauces available in the grocery store now it doesn't even make sense to buy the sauce to put on your own Q.

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        1. I'm from Memphis, and Sticky Fingers would never survive there. There's a lot of inferior barbecue in Charleston, but Sticky Fingers is probably the worst.

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          1. re: tennreb

            Right. We're not known for good Q! Although Momma Brown's is not bad, and their chicken is way good. I can smell it frying from my house...

            1. re: tennreb

              It's not Memphis, but their highest grossing store is in the original partner's hometown of Chattanooga.

              One of the original partners also learned about bbq while working in Memphis.

              And no...Sticky Fingers is FAR from being the worst bbq in Charleston. Not even close.

              1. re: JayL

                That's a scary thought. I wonder what is worse than Sticky Fingers. The owner either isn't around, or he didn't learn very much. A pitmaster is someone who learned to tend the pit over decades, often inheriting generations of technique. Too many bbq restaurants around here lack a true pitmaster. I have found some decent 'que at Home Team and Jim'N'Nicks.

                1. re: tennreb

                  It's almost comical that you rant about a place not having a pitmaster with decades worth of experience or inheriting generations of technique...then go on to endorse Jim'N'Nicks (same concept as Sticky Fingers) and Home Team (a bbq place that has an executive chef as an owner instead of the generations of bbq technique behind the curtain). I eat at both the locations you endorse, but don't fool yourself into thinking there are pitmasters (by your definition) at either place.

                  Worse than Sticky Fingers? Most every town has one or two. In Mt. Pleasant, SC (where Sticky Fingers originated) there is a Palmetto Pig that is nothing more than roasted pork. There is also a Woody's BBQ that would move up the totem pole if they at least had roasted pork.

                  I'm not a huge SF fan, but there are much worse options.

                  1. re: JayL

                    I'm not saying Jim'n'Nicks and Home Team are great, but they are the best I've found in Charleston. Sweatman's is good, but I've only eaten at the buffet. When the meat is pre-chopped, bathed in sauce, and set out on a buffet, it loses its inherent flavor. Jim'n'Nicks is a chain, but I don't know how they are able to maintain their quality. They support the Southern Foodways Alliance and the Charleston Wine & Food Festival, so they are committed to preserving the tradition of Southern food. They seem to do it very well for a chain. I haven't eaten at the other places you mentioned. I have eaten at Momma Brown's, and I'm not even sure their meat is actually barbecued. It tastes oven roasted and then bathed in sauce. Their sides taste like they came straight out of a can.

                    1. re: tennreb

                      Momma Brown's isn't great. I used to like their sides, but I'm not even sure of that any more. The pork there tastes of nothing but straight vinegar. I'm an eastern North Carolina native and vinegar based bbq runs through my veins. When I go to Momma Brown's I get the fried chicken and steer clear of the bbq...isn't that a sin?

                      You should try Woody's........I dare you.............LOL!

            2. That's a negative, Littleman, LOL!