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Apr 10, 2010 01:33 PM

Bakery Tastes Around Asheville

Went on a bakery run yesterday and took in seven of them around the Asheville area. Here are our findings in order of our trip... Please bear in mind that for most of these, it was our only visit and sometimes choice of product will make or break an impression...

for an apples to apples comparison we had hoped to pick something we could get at each place, but everything was so varied it was virtually impossible. so we just picked things we thought we'd like!

Creme Patisserie (640 Merrimon Ave) - overall the best of the places we visited. I had an eclair that was as good as my own - all components were wonderful and generous (they use vanilla pastry cream, which is my personal preference). Whole wheat florentine roll (stuffed with spinach, cheese and onion) - fabulous, and had a bite of my friend's chocolate "croissant" that was actually made with brioche. really good bread and chocolate.

Mother & Son (203 Stone Ridge Blvd - almost Weaverville) - disappointing. nice looking case of goods, very friendly people, but my multi-layer chocolate Oreo cake was dry and tasted slightly of freezer burn. My friend's palmier was not light and flaky as she felt it shoud've been. Their space was cute though and their lunch menu looked good.

The Bake Shoppe (146 Weaverville Hwy) - very tiny shop (take out only). lots of cookies and bars. seem to do a lot of custom cakes. Wasn't terribly impressed with the decorated cake examples I saw but they had been there awhile and I didn't see the book with all of the choices. They had customers looking at custom cakes while we were there, so they obviously have a following. I have taken Wilton's cake decorating classes and have a huge respect for people who do that for a living. It is hard work. I got a few tiny cheese "crispies" that my husband said were good.

The Sisters McMullen (840 Merrimon Ave location) - this is the second location for Sisters. I have frequented the downtown spot many times for cupcakes and whoopie pies and like them a lot (frosting sometimes a bit greasy, but overall I really like them). This location is bright and sunny and doesn't seem to focus so much on cupcakes. They had more savory items. My husband said their cheese danish was the best of the sweet things I brought home for him.

City Bakery (88 Charlotte St) - I've also been to the downtown location and have had their bread in many local restaurants. Love, love, love their bread. I haven't had any of their pastries. My husband had their bear claw and said it was pretty good (he wouldn't turn down another one), but thought the cheese danish from Sisters was a lot better.

West End Bakery (757 Haywood) - great warm space. good vibe. very W. Asheville. great lunch choices (we decided to eat something reasonably healthy here). had the curry/pumpkin/apple soup with spelt bread. while the soup was good, I was a bit disappointed in the flavor. could've had a lot more depth, but didn't. :( Bread was excellent though. My friend's peanut butter cookie was dry. I brought home a vanilla sour cream cupcake for my husband - he said it was very good. I haven't eaten the other one yet... :)

Filo (1155 Tunnel Rd) - love this building! gorgeous inside and out. warm interior albeit a bit sparse and a little noisy, but I didn't mind that. Had a chocolate bottom macaroon which was excellent and an oatmeal cookie with choc chips that was ok. Tasted flat like it needed salt or salted butter or something. coffee was very good. a group of older ladies had about 4 different desserts and there were a LOT of "ooo's" and "ahhh's" coming from the table along with lots of swapping of dishes. Their cake slices and desserts did look really good! I would've tried one if I hadn't been to six bakeries already. LOL

Overall, Creme was the hands-down favorite. Space was a bit sparse, but warm enough and everything we ate from there was REALLY good. For hanging out, I'd choose West End Bakery.

other opinions?? or other places I should visit? (obviously, we couldn't get to them all yesterday!)

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  1. I'd definitely include Well Bred Bakery in Weaverville for your next tour. And for sentimental reasons alone, I'd include Carolina Mountain Bakery in Arden. Their ties to the old Rolling Pin bakery in North Asheville mean that I can sometimes, when I'm out that way, get some of my old favorites from there. I have to agree with you that Creme is awesome. Their pretzel rolls are about my favorite thing there. But that's among many favorites.

    It's hard to compare all of these bakeries because, as you note, they are all vastly different in their specialties and styles. Kudos for your effort.

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    1. re: Leepa

      Oh ya! forgot to mention that we had done Well Bred on a previous visit to that area. REALLY liked them too. thanks for the reminder.

      I have been to CMB in Arden (I live in Mills River, so it's not too far), but it's been a really long time. As I recall, I liked it ok, but I couldn't tell you what I had - cinnamon roll, maybe? I do remember going there straight from an eye exam and my pupils were all dilated and I was trying to explain to the person behind the counter that I really wasn't on drugs. LOL GIVE ME A CINNAMON ROLL, MAN!!! It was funny. I didn't realize they had ties elsewhere.

      the lady at Creme tried to tempt me with a pretzel roll, but I'm not big into pretzels. Plus, I had my eye on the eclair. :)

      1. re: Scirocco

        The Rolling Pin was a longtime bakery run by the Wright family. It was in the building just north of the shopping center that houses The Fresh Market on Merrimon. As I recall, a ski shop is in that building now. As I said, it was a family run business. One of the daughters and sons-in-law run CMB. They have some of the same things that Rolling Pin made - my favorite being the cheese crunchies and the little sour cream pastries. But they are more of a traditional bakery and not the new trendy sort with artisan bread and yuppie coffee. Not that there is anything wrong with that. They're just not that.

        Speaking of cinnamon rolls.... if anyone here remembers the fabulous cinnamon rolls and sticky buns from Stone Soup, they are still available in Asheville. One of the bakers from Stone Soup now works at Laurey's Catering and I hear the rolls and buns are available there every day! Woohoo!

        1. re: Leepa

          that's funny you mention Laurey's. We ended up in there briefly while near the downtown City Bakery and I was eyeing the cinnamon rolls there. I'm such a sucker for those. I like them very heavy, very gooey from tons of filling and yeasty. Oh, and a good slather of a light icing. I've been disappointed so many times by DRY cinnamon buns with hardly any filling. :(

    2. This is a great set of reviews and sounds like a very fun/filling day!

      If you are ever back at Filo, you must have the carrot or red velvet cake. It is amazing!

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      1. re: caiogirl

        thanks! we had fun. Those cakes did look really good. I usually stay away from carrot only because I don't like nuts (most have them), but I love red velvet cake. Must. Go. Back.