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Apr 10, 2010 01:18 PM

Multi-day cooking class in Florence

I will be in Florence for 2 weeks and want to take a multi-day cooking class (preferably spread out over the period). I have found lots of 1 day courses, plus a school called InTavola, which got one good review on these boards more than 2 years ago.
I've checked SlowTravel w/o success. Anyone have good suggestions? Also --I can't afford to spend $1,000 or more -- i'm looking for something more in the range of $5-600.

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  1. Google >Apicius Florence<. It's a school for professionals, but they have courses for amateurs, and I think their prices are more in line with what you're looking for.

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      Thanks, I will check them out. Have you taken classes with them?

    2. The original comment has been removed