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Apr 10, 2010 11:53 AM

Pastor Hamilton's BBQ

Big Daddy's lost a customer today - me. Forever more it's the good Rev's BBQ for me. I have never had such perfect BBQ in my life. Absolute perfectiom

Not too hot/spicey, not too bland. No vinegar after bite. Not too sweet - is there sugar in there? There must be. But it blends so well with the other spices you're not quite sure. Not too smokey, I anticipated Liquid Smoke, but it's a true hickory nuiance that swirls around on your tongue. Not too thick and pastey, not too runny. Just right for clinging to the fall-off-the-bone pork but wet enough to cling to the fingers for licking off.

I am super impressed as I'm not the biggest BBQ fan. But the good Reverand has converted me. Best BBQ pork I have ever had in my life. To die for. I am so impressed and in heaven.

(I do not recommend the fried chicken wings or the greens, though.)

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    1. re: buenosds

      1150 East 7th Street, STP. South side of the street, right next to his church. Hours are Thurs, Fri and Sat, 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM.

      1. re: buenosds

        There are four small (seating four) tables and one little bit larger one foe eat-in. Seems most get to-go, but you don't gotta.

      2. This sounds interesting. And since it's bbq, I came running. So he's a pastor of a church and he does bbq on the side or something? So what exactly is his specialty other than BBQ pork. Does he do chicken? What about ribs? And what other sides besides greens does he have?

        I might take a trip down there anyway. Hell, it's bbq.

        1. I have to second that vote. His food is awesome. Plus his peach cobbler rocks. Here is the website

          1. I finally made it to Pastor Hamilton's this weekend. I never venture to this part of St. Paul, but it was well worth it. My two friends split the rib dinner. They couldn't say enough about every facet. The ribs were enormous and outstanding, the collard greens -which I tried- were great, and so were the jo-jos. I had the rib tips and was (I almost wrote in heaven) incredible.

            As much as I love Ted Cook's, and will continue to go there because it is closer and still good, I rate Pastor Hamilton's as better IMO. I'll definitely be going back. Now I've got to check out JC's bbq once of these nights.

            1. I like Pastor Hamilton. He's a nice guy. And he makes good food. The style, falling off the bone tender, is not what I like, but he does it well (as does Lee & Dee's).

              I tend to like a bit less tender, drier style of pork rib. I like to chew the meat off the bones. So I'm was happier with Rudolph's ribs over at Lyndale and Franklin or Capp's around 50th and Hiawatha. But frankly, I tend to make my own ribs. Because the guys who make them with the texture I like tend not to smoke them.

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              1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                Hey Jim,

                I live near Capp's and Ted's and like them both. Also smoke my own ribs on a BGE cooker using hardwood charcoal and hickory chunks. Can you elaborate on your comment about " the guys who make them with the texture I like tend not to smoke them." I am pretty darn sure that Capp's uses some smoke when the make their ribs.

                1. re: dalewest


                  I haven't been to Capps in more than 2 years. My memory of them was no smoky aroma, no chimney with the black gunk at the top and no pink smoke-line under the surface of the meat after taking a bite. Maybe they always smoked and still do and my memory is wrong (it's been known to happen). Maybe they didn't smoke once and now they do. What makes you sure Capp's uses smoke?

                  1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                    I admit I never looked for the "smoke ring" on the food but I have also read that isn't actually caused by the smoke. Anyway, It sure tastes like they use smoke to me when I eat there. I think it just might be the difference that they use a more modern commercial cooker compared to that of a place like ted cooks.

                    I normally go there for lunch and order the chicken. I think the chicken is really, really good. The only chicken I like better was from Rotisserie when that was open.

                    BTW, I just checked on their website and they state "apple wood" smoked. Maybe you are just hickory fan?