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Apr 10, 2010 10:52 AM

What’s the best Mexican Restaurant in Saratoga?

Looking for a nice site down restaurant for a dinner with family. Preferably modern atmosphere, vegetarian options. Can't find any good Mexican ion Albany area, but heard Saratoga has good options

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  1. The best traditional Mexican restaurant is a toss-up between Leon's and El Mexicano, although the latter is much more expensive, so I prefer Leon's. The best modern or "novo" Mex. place is Cantina. If you're willing to go 11 miles east to Schuylerville, you will find the first-rate Amigo's Cantina which, while expensive, has the best fish tacos and the best nachos I've ever had in the area.

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      Thank you - we tried Cantina. It was just what we were looking for. Great food! Modern/interesting menu. Fun atmosphere. Stay away form the guacamole though…very expensive and nothing special. Otherwise food and prices were good!

      1. re: jb55555

        yes, for new style, cantina is quite good. for more traditional, we like leon's. haven't been to any others in the area yet.