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Apr 10, 2010 10:24 AM

[London] Pre or post theatre restaurant?

Hi. I'm planning to catch a show on the West End probably seeing what's being offered that day at TKTS. Any suggestions on a good restaurant for dinner in the area? Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, I should add that I will be seeing Les Mis at the Queens Theatre.

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      in terms of post theatre there are plenty of good restaurants, but i'd suggest the places that specialise in later service and actually have an influx of people so you have some form of atmosphere. nothing worse than being sat in a restaurant, however good, only to be rushed out the door with few, if any tables, around you.

      with this in mind the most obvious suggestion would be the ivy, which isn't as difficult to get into these days, especially if you have a bit of time between now and the date of the show. i'd also recommend the wolsey, le caprice, j.sheeky, quo vadis, the new hix and bob bob ricard, all of which have ok food and a later scene (though do check).

      if you fancy chinese there's obviously a load right on your door step, not least the excellent bar schu.

      finally, if you want top end food, consider l'atelier joel robuchon which i personally think deserved its 2 star elevation last year. the only caveat being you'll pay accordingly!

      1. re: marcus james

        We had a great dinner at J Sheekey a few weeks ago. The oysters were fabulous and the dover sole was perfect. Also, it's a fabulous atmosphere for a post-theatre dinner. The place was energetic well into the night.

    2. Try Bocca di Lupo on Archer Street. Good food, good price for pre theatre, though of late the service has lost some of its luster.

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      1. re: nanette

        Try Cote on Tavistock near the theatre that is playing Oliver EXCELLENT

        1. re: jodydem

          Cote is nice, but it is a chain in the South East of England. No complaints from me, but it isn't that special of an experience.