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Apr 10, 2010 09:00 AM

ATL: outdoor deck + good food?

A friend is in town from the Southern Hemisphere, where it's cold- she wants to grab an early bite somewhere with outdoor space, and it looks like the weather will cooperate. She's staying in B'head, but I can pick her up. I'd prefer a rooftop close to that area, however.

Something relaxed, and not too much of a "scene" would be nice too. Am I over-grasping?
(I know about Fado, but I don't love the food).


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  1. So, we went to Basil's on Grandview. Good patio, good open feeling without having Peachtree traffic as the backdrop (frontdrop?) like so many of the new swanky spots along that road.

    The food was good (Salads: Caesar and Greek, Mains: Tuna with Risotto and Sea Bass on a vegetable succotash which was much better than it sounded- asparagus, mushrooms, corn, spinach... ) Wine list pretty good (Loire Valley Sauv Blanc was our choice), service very nice if a little spotty- like the silver (properly) taken away atop the salad plates, but then we had to swipe replacements from an adjacent empty table when we didn't, and then couldn't, get attention in a reasonable time frame to have utensils for the mains. Also had to fetch our own S&P.

    But, it's a comfortable and probably overlooked spot in a quiet part of Buckhead. I'd return, just expect a more laid back service than the higher end places. In a way, I like that.