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Apr 10, 2010 07:54 AM

is Lolita or Lola welcoming to a couple with an infant?

My wife and I are travelling to Cleveland for a wedding and we have a free night, which we are considering spending at one of Michael Symon's restaurants. Does anyone know if either Lola or Lolita is hospitable to a well mannered five month old?

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  1. I have dined with folks with babies at Lolita, and I've read posts from others who've brought well behaved babies to Lola. My advice - go early. Lolita would probably be more comfortable than Lola. Make reservations for either.

    Another option is Symon's Bar Symon in Avon Lake, which is much more casual than either Lola or Lolita.

    Enjoy your visit to Cleveland and report back!

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    1. re: NancyH

      I agree 100% with Nancy. I would say that neither Lola or Lolita is appropriate for an infant, but if you really want to go, definitely go early. I might also call to see if they have high chairs available.

      1. re: kathrynanne

        I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. We had very enjoyable experiences with the little ones at Lolita (not ours, but belonging to friends); the staff and management welcomed them with open arms. So long as you go early, and are prepared to duck out if the little one melts down, you'll be fine there.

        It's been done at Lola, but Lola is a more "fine dining" type of place, so there is a bit less leeway for cranky babies.

        I wouldn't go so far to say that neither is appropriate for an infant. But I'd go to Lolita first.

    2. I'm sure they wouldn't be inhospitable, nor do I think it's always necessary to go to a "family" restaurant if you have a child, but I do think Lola would be kind of pushing it. Lolita comes off as more casual and is a little more open, lively/loud so IMO that would work better.