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What's the best steakhouse in Las Vegas in Chowhound's Opinion?

What's the best steakhouse in Las Vegas in Chowhound's Opinion ?

Me and some friend's don't get out to Vegas too often and we are looking to hit up the best steakhouse, but have no idea which to choose from the many varied choices. Anybody got any ideas... I would say price is no object but than the place better be great... I've searched YELP and Zagat no luck....

Anyone ?

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  1. I live in Las Vegas.

    Here are the best steak places, on or around the strip, in no particular order:
    Mastro's Ocean Club
    Joe's Stone Crab and Steak

    I'd avoid Delmonico's, Del Friscos, and Stripsteak...although I'm sure there are those who think they are sublime...don't believe them.

    1. Cut for sure!
      Pictures from my two tastings there

      Tasting ran 180 pp just for food. You have to call in advance if it's something you'd be interested in. The regular menu is great as well.

      1. Been to nearly every steakhouse in Vegas.

        Here are my favorites in this order:

        CUT (Perfect Meal, sides, apps, dessert, service flawless) Don't get the onion rings though
        SW (Perfect, NY and Filet, sides, apps, dessert great, service just a tad below CUT)
        Charlie Palmer's Steak (Sides and Appetizers are just ordinary)
        Delmonico (Bone-In Ribeye Only)
        Prime (Foie Gras app <3)

        I agree with the above post avoid Del Friscos and Stripsteak. Delmonico does has probably one of the best bone in ribeyes on the strip. Del Friscos and Stripsteak were nothing special.

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        1. re: A5 KOBE

          If my only option for a last meal were the parmesan truffle chips app, bone-in ribeye medium rare with the garlic mushrooms side at Delmonico, I would leave this Earth a pretty happy man. I'll be flying into McCarron later today for a couple of nights, and Delmonico is on the shortlist of places I'm considering for dinner Friday night. Delmonico years ago also served me a prime rib that was out of this world (and sadly, was taken off the menu awhile back).

          I'd avoid anything non-steak at Delmonico entree-wise.

        2. Well I haven't tried that many in Vegas but Lawry's Prime Rib was one of the best I have had.

          1. Local's secret... eh, maybe not so secret. The Steakhouse inside Circus Circus has been the best steakhouse in Las Vegas for more years than the others combined have been in existence.

            For an old school, old Las Vegas eat at the same table as Sinatra, Sammy, Dino, go to the Golden Steer. Great old vibe and good food.

            Delmonico's at the Venetian is still one of my favorites. Big food, big tables, big silverware. Great service. I don't care what jj says!

            Golden Steer
            308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

            The Steakhouse at Circus Circus
            2880 Las Vegas Blvd S, Winchester, NV 89109

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            1. re: shamu613

              I just ate at the Golden Steer. Great Service and a terrific bartender. The steak was good but not at all amazing. The sides were poor. It is a cool blast from the past and I love the vibe but I think it has seen better days.

              Golden Steer
              308 West Sahra, Las Vegas, NV 89102

            2. This is top ten list, although there is some disagreement about the top few(interchangable)


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              1. re: palmdoc1

                how about the old circus circus steakhouse is it still good or gone downhill?

              2. I've just returned from LV, and had an amazing dinner at CUT. The Japanese Wagyu rib eye was sensational!

                1. Man, this is the request that never dies LOL.

                  I was recently in Vegas and hit up Craftsteak again. It's my personal favorite.

                  The Kobe beef tartare was supermegadelicious and I had a very good Osso Bucco, the first time I had seen it on the menu,

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                  1. re: gerbera


                    Craftsteak has always been great when I've been there. The sides might be better than the meat.

                    Stripsteak was very mediocre when we ate there.
                    Kokmo's (In the Mirage), not even the 2nd best place to get meat in the Mirage. (Samba- Brazilian BBQ and Carnegie Deli are both better)

                    Carnegie Deli
                    3400 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

                  2. I challange anyone that disputes Delmonico. I have had too many fantastic meals there ( all ribeyes). Prime meat expertly seasoned and prepared, how do you not love that?? You can no doubt get an excellent steak anywhere prime beef is being served but they all start out as a chunk of meat. That meat still needs to be cooked correctly and seasoned to realize its full potential and at Delmonico that is what you will get.

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                    1. re: Kevin C

                      I love ribeye steak; where is Delmonico?

                        1. re: baseballfan

                          At Delmonico's last week. Great corkage policy and as good asnPrime or Sriptsteak.

                          1. re: HoosierFoodie

                            How much do they charge for corkage?

                            Do any other Vegas steakhouses offer this corkage?

                            1. re: Dapuma

                              I can't remember what they charged for corkage. I didn't pay the bill. We took in two magnums. Stripsteak allows corkage ($35.00 IIRC) but they limit it to two bottles or one 1.5 btl. We went to Delmonico's because of this policy (Delmonico's has no limit) and they handled the wine very, very well. Decanted both bottles (1995 Diamond Creek Gravely Meadow and 1995 Le Tertre Roeteboeuf) and the overall wine service was excellent. Been to Stripsteak and Prime and Delmonico's was every bit as good.

                              1. re: Dapuma

                                Never had a bad meal at Delmonicos, last week was no exception. Had the Bone-in Ribeye with foie gras on top ($52 for the steak additional $25 for foie gras). Table side ceasar salad was great as well ($30, serves two). Brought two bottles of wine @ $25 for corkage per bottle which is pretty cheap for Vegas strip. Only complaint would be the sides. The sides sucked.

                                1. re: skjax

                                  Bone-in-ribeye with foie gras sounds heavenly. Definitely plan to try Delmonico next year!

                        2. re: Kevin C

                          Do you recommend it over CUT? I love a ribeye steak, and am planning to order the Australian wagyu ribeye at CUT. I just looked at the menu at Delmonico, and it looks great too. I wish I had more days in LV.

                          1. re: ellenost

                            I wish you had more days too because they would be 2 different and delicious experiences. My main point was that prime beef is going to get you a great experience I don't imagine any of the places listed here would disappoint. With regard to Delmonico, the quality, consistency, and that spice rub they use in concert with those awesome prime ribeyes creates for me the ultimate steak eating experience. That goes along with a comfortable atmosphere that remains sophisticated without crossing over into pretense, a great place to relax and enjoy youself. I have been there many times with both foodies and others (?) ALL refer back to the experience in glowing terms. I have always been more than satisfied with my meals there and until they do something to change that, they have my loyalty. I will be back in town in two weeks and I am already looking forward to my meal there. Enjoy your visit.

                            1. re: Kevin C

                              Sounds like I now have two new restaurants to try next year: Sage and Delmonico when I return to LV with my sister. She also loves ribeye steaks. Thanks for your recommendation.

                              1. re: ellenost

                                hello from yet another "ellen" , who also goes to Vegas with her sister!
                                You may also want to try the special "Delmonico style" 18 ounce boneless NY Steak from THE RANGE Steakhouse at Harrah's...

                                VERY well prepared dish, in a mustard , peppercorn , garlic coating , and served SLICED , (nice, thick slices)...
                                $44.00 ...

                                1. re: ellen4441

                                  Definitely needed more time for this trip! Thanks Ellen!

                              2. re: Kevin C

                                I will be in Las Vegas - Solo - in a couple weeks. Is Delmonico a good place to dine solo? Preferrably at the bar where they would offer full menu?


                                1. re: rp1760

                                  I ate at Delmonico last year solo in the dining room. Felt completely welcome and service was great.

                            2. re: Kevin C

                              Well, I will happily accept a challenge ;-) Let me say right away, Delmonico's is not a bad restaurant. It is good, no question. But it is nothing better than good. The "signature rib eye" was ok. Not cooked all that well IMO. More brown on the surface of the ribeye than crust which means the steak never received the high heat that enables the crust to form, which is essential to any good steak. And the Emeril Seasoning that permeates all the steaks is too much for me. Yes I like blackening seasonings but not on a steak. Why hide the true flavor of the beef? I am a purest.

                              Been to Delmonico's twice and never feel the need to go back. When I am in Vegas it is for a short period of time. If a restaurant fails to spark my imagination there is no reason to go. Delmonico's is good. Does it spark my imagination? Not in the least. It does have a good corkage policy though, which is important. I am finding more and more that many places that had zero policy 3 years ago are agreeing more and more to allowing corkage. Do yourself a favor and call the restaurant directly. You would be amazed how many places will allow it "just this one time" when in the past it was NO WAY.

                              1. re: LVI

                                Yeah, I agree. The steak is good enough but the other food there is just above average. The BBQ shrimp app was just okay and the sides were not that great. The burger for lunch was just okay too.

                                I would much rather go to Carnevino, CUT, SW and Charlie Palmer Steak before I go back to Delmonico.

                            3. Every CUT review Ive read mentioned the Japanese Kobe or Wagyu.
                              Considering this are off the menu right now, would you some of you guys/gals still recommend it over Delmonicos?

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                              1. re: century81

                                Never been to CUT, be in town this week and plan another Delmonico visit, it has never missed, dined at tables with friends, bar looks A.O.K. as well, enjoy!!

                                1. re: century81

                                  Dined at CUT last week, and was very underwhelmed by the New Zealand wagyu. For $140, it was a waste of money. I had the Japanese Kobe last year and loved it. Will try Delmonico next time.

                                  1. re: century81

                                    I dined at CUT in January and had a great meal without Kobe or Wagyu, I love the crust they put on their steaks. My dining partner and I each got regular ribeyes, we can't remember which we liked more but we got one from Nebraska and one from Iowa I believe that had slightly different aging and such. Both were great, and I LOVED the bone marrow flan appetizer.

                                    Never dined at Delmonico's though so I can't give a comparison. Trying SW steakhouse at the Wynn on this trip (leaving tonight!!) so hopefully it lives up to our experience at CUT.

                                    1. re: AnonymousWaitress

                                      I love CUT, and I honestly think the Kobe and Wagyu are for suckers. Just get the cut that you like and go with one of the lesser expensive ones. Now, if you are getting steak sashimi, that may be a different story.

                                  2. The best dry aged steak in town is at Carnevino hands down. This may possibly be the best steak in America. They dry age a minimum of 65 days and it is fantastic if you are true beef aficionado.

                                    Have been to Delmonico several times getting the bone in ribeye (which is their best steak) and the steak is great, but not at the level of Carnevino.

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                                    1. re: A5 KOBE

                                      I'm glad that I've chosen Carnevino as my steakhouse for my upcoming trip.
                                      Is the Riserva worth it? It was my plan to do the oldest I could do just to try it out.

                                      1. re: Benjamin B

                                        I have yet to try the Riserva due to it not being available the time I asked. From what I have heard it is pretty pricey but is an experience that is truly unique.

                                        If I could give advice I would say that if you love dry aged meat, go for it. If you like wet aged meats then I would stray away. Either way you go, this is the best dry aged steak in LV.

                                        Beware though, my experiences with the sides and appetizers were not good to pretty bad. The dessert was good but not something I can say "I have to go back there and order that".

                                      2. re: A5 KOBE

                                        I went to Carnevino last year and it was not very good.
                                        The staff were very unpleasant as well. Maybe they were having an off night, but I dont think Id ever go back.

                                        1. re: century81

                                          I agree, Carnevino was not that great except for the steak. Sides are average, appetizers are way to salty, but that steak is probably the best dry aged steak in the country.

                                          1. re: A5 KOBE

                                            Any thoughts on a choice between N9NE and say Craftsteak? Love CUT, but fellas are looking to try a new spot. Been to Delmonico's, SW doesn't sound good and a little stuffy. Not a big fan of Prime, been to the Palm and all the standard spots many times (Ruth's Chris etc.). Charlie Palmer?

                                            1. re: danieli10

                                              It's been a couple of years since I've dined at N9NE, the few times I've been there, my experience has been good.

                                              Craftsteak, I didn't care for at all and will never go back.

                                              1. re: danieli10

                                                I really enjoyed my meal at Jean George steakhouse at Aria last year. I would definitely add them to the mix.

                                                1. re: danieli10

                                                  Have not been to N9NE to this day. I had a horrible experience staying at the Palms and I refuse to give them any of my business.

                                                  Craftsteak is okay, better side dishes and veggies than steak. If a great steak is what you are looking for, I suggest passing on Craftsteak.

                                                  My opinion:

                                                  Best overall steakhouse is CUT.
                                                  Best dry aged steak was Carnevino.
                                                  Best wet aged steak was SW. Awesome sides and apps as well.

                                                  1. re: danieli10

                                                    Sw is very good! maybe not as good as CUT, but almost.

                                                    1. re: danieli10

                                                      Just ate at Charlie Palmer Four Seasons last week. Thought it was excellent.

                                                      1. re: Zollipop

                                                        Oh man, the steakhouse conumdrum.... all helpful. Maybe I should try Delmonico's again, I've honestly never had a bad meal there and the service is usually excellent. However, it is tempting to give a new place a shot. We may stay at Wynn or Aria, which puts SW and JG in the running if we don't want to leave the hotel, which BTW is not a big deterrent. My current favorite steakhouses are CUT and Mastro's, hands down. So.... let the debate rage on!

                                              2. Just back from LV and enjoyed Delmonico once again on Sat 4/16. What can I say they hit it outta the park AGAIN!! Ribeye was superb, delicious, fantastic and any other adjective you care to throw at it, perfectly seasoned, cooked and served. The sides were delicious as well ( smashed pots and creamed spinach). A friend and I dined in near silence as the food commanded our attention. They have never disappointed and I have lost count of the number of meals I have had there. Already looking forward to the next visit. This is my favorite steakhouse not just in LV but on the planet. Bon Appetit all.

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                                                1. re: Kevin C

                                                  I'm so jealous after my underwhelming experience at CUT two weeks ago. Definitely will try Delmonico next year!

                                                  1. re: ellenost

                                                    Went to Delmonicos last week.
                                                    An amazing meal ! Service was impeccable. Felt like they actually wanted me there, unlike my experience at Carnevino. They paced the dinner very well, so it was a nice relaxing evening.
                                                    I had the wilted spinach and fricasse salad and the bone in ribeye. The salad was stellar, only to be followed by the best steak Ive had in a very long time. Cooked perfectly.

                                                    I would go back in a heart beat and would recommend it to anyone.

                                                    1. re: ellenost

                                                      Hi Ellen,
                                                      Now that I have Le Cirque booked for one night, now I need another restaurant to celebrate my father in laws 60th bday. What was underwhelming about CUT? So many of the other reviews were pretty solid?

                                                      1. re: rruoti

                                                        On my first visit to CUT I had a terrific Kobe ribeye; it was flavorful and was as soft as butter. Last year when I returned, CUT was no longer offering the Kobe, but supposedly equally tender cuts from Australia and New Zealand. I made the mistake of opting for the more expensive of the two which was about the same price as the fantastic Kobe. Big mistake since this steak was leagues below the Kobe. The steak was actually gristly in some spots. Nothing special for flavor either. Big waste for the high price. Another thing that annoyed me was that as a solo diner the gave me the 2-top next to the walkway from the kitchen.

                                                        1. re: ellenost

                                                          I've only eaten at CUT once. There were two things that bothered me: the steaks are heavily crusted/flavored, which I think takes away from their greatness as steaks (if they have greatness; it's difficult to tell with so much flavoring added), and our server was such an up-seller it was off-putting. He pushed REALLY hard on the Wagyu style beef, which most of us eventually chose. I have some experience here: many great steakhouses in NYC and other great cities, and I've had actual Japanese Kobe (back when you could get it in the US) and other Wagyu substitutes, and those steaks were not worth $80+ to me. I'm partial to steaks that eschew lots of extra flavoring for quality beef cooked at high temperature. If you prefer the extra flavoring instead, CUT might be perfect for you. The up-selling, however, would be annoying anywhere.

                                                    2. re: Kevin C

                                                      Have upcoming reservations at Delmonico. Am planning on having the famed ribeye. What appetizer and sides would you suggest?

                                                      1. re: lindainwi

                                                        Pass on them...lol

                                                        Craftsteak has amazing side dishes. Veggies and starches are better than the steak.

                                                        CUT for me has the best apps for a steakhouse. Bone marrow flan is a destination dish.

                                                        1. re: A5 KOBE

                                                          Bone marrow FLAN? holy mother of god.

                                                          1. re: A5 KOBE

                                                            Carnevino, if you count the pastas, has stellar "warmups" to the steak.

                                                      2. Carnevino. Hands down. Nothing else comes close.

                                                        1. San Diego hound reviving this old thread...

                                                          Husband and I are planning a Vegas run in June. Where should we dine for an overall, excellent steak dinner? I have dined at The Golden Steer and loved the old school style. I read down thread a bit and it seems Carnevino has an excellent steak, though the other menu items are questionable. Is Craftsteak worth a try or is it all Tom Colicchio hype?

                                                          Thank you all in advance!

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                                                          1. re: Dagney

                                                            Hey Dags!
                                                            DH likes the steak at Delmonico's and the 3 course with wine meal at Charlie Palmers 'Cut of the week' for $48pp.

                                                            Make sure you hit up Lotus of Siam for the best Thai on the planet..lunch is a good call..off the menu.

                                                            LA Cave at the Wynn for drinks and flat bread pizza..
                                                            Chandelier bar at the Cosmo..Secret pizza for late night..

                                                            Have fun!

                                                            1. re: Beach Chick

                                                              Hey BC! Thank you! ...I totally forgot about Lotus of Siam. I have read about that place for years but have never dined there. This will be a quick, 2-3 day, party trip; but we definitely want to hit up some chow worthy places. The last time we did Vegas I was astounded by the sheer volume of amazing restaurants practically in every hallway of every hotel.

                                                              1. re: Dagney

                                                                Hey Dags!
                                                                Great deals on Kayak for 4-5* resorts for $100 or less in June...pools are key to refresh and enjoy the desert heat.
                                                                LOS is a must..go for lunch..order off the menu..not buffet.
                                                                Milos for the 3 course at Cosmo for $20.14.
                                                                Peppermill for breakfast.
                                                                Steak..Delmonicos, Cut, Carnevino.
                                                                Drinks and apps at La Cave Wynn.
                                                                Raku for sushi..

                                                          2. A certain OTHER food board has several hundred reviews on Vic and Anthony's at the Golden Nugget downtown. Out of those hundreds of reviews there are maybe two negative reviews. This says a lot about a restaurant when there are so few less-than-favorable comments. I was hesitant as to "being too good to be true." After going to Vic and Anthony's recently, I can honestly say it was the best experience I have had in Vegas over the past 20 years. Food, service and atmosphere were all excellent. My wife and I both had the filet, steamed broccoli and baked potato. We are both sold on V&A. We recommend highly. A major plus is you won't have to "bend over $$."

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                                                            1. re: thingfiz

                                                              Thank you! This is a solid possibility, as we are thinking about breaking tradition and staying off the strip. I did some research last night and it looks like off the strip is a much more economical choice, without giving up the fun factor.

                                                            2. Any new or revised recs since this discussion back in 2010? We're headed to Vegas and want to try a great steakhouse. We've been to Delmonico and really enjoyed it and the Golden Steer (which we though was just OK), and want to try a new place this time.

                                                              Made a reservation at CUT based on the previous discussion here, but is it still as good as it was back in 2010? Now, I am second-guessing that and thinking of maybe Charlie Palmer Cut of the Week instead...

                                                              Is the Circus Circus steakhouse worth considering? Any other recs? Thanks!

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                                                              1. re: Michelle

                                                                I also enjoyed Gordon Ramsay, but that one does get mixed reviews. It's "lively" (lots of people say "loud"), but kind of a fun environment for a steakhouse.

                                                                1. re: Michelle

                                                                  Carnevino was excellent but the lardo spread on the table that we had with bread did quite a number on my stomach and intestines a few hours later.

                                                                2. We always go to Delmonico's because of their (good) corkage policy. However, Colicchio's Heritage Steak if Feb. was one of the better steaks in recent memory.

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                                                                  1. re: HoosierFoodie

                                                                    I also had an amazing filet (of all things) at Heritage Steak in January.