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Apr 10, 2010 06:03 AM

Thai Grocery Store on Mosco Street - Other Picks in the Area?

On to Step Two of my Trip Trifecta (take a boat ride (Staten Island Ferry), go to a grocery store, climb to the top of a tall place):

The CH archives recommend Thai Grocery on Mosco Street. I can't find Thai tea, that orange-ish spiced tea you get in Thai restaurants, around here. So Thai Grocery it is.

Other picks in the area?

Still working on a tall place with a food connection . . .

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  1. We easily found Bangkok Center Grocery on Mosco Street from the directions on the shop website. I bought the Thai tea and a couple of packets of refrigerated curry paste from Thailand. There's recipes for the curry paste on the website of Thai Temple, Bangkok Center Grocery's online partner;

    I was unchararcteristically frazzled from marching in from Canal Street (bad smells, heaps of repetitious junk, pushy creeps selling bootleg DVDs and fake Tiffany, hot, hungry) and so didn't poke around the more personable area of Chinatown that began a block or so south of Canal Street. Too bad - it looks like a grand area to pick up kitchen gadgets and spices.

    Next time we'll skip Canal Street and enter Chinatown from the south or west. It would have been easy to do this time because we walked up from Ground Zero.

    We did find Columbus Park hidden at Mulberry and Bayard. Flowering plum (?- they were purple) trees were just beginning to flower, an orchestra with a singer played traditional Chinese instruments and music, and beyond them a musical trio was playing as well. Is Sunday music usual in this park, or did we happen on a special occasion?

    If it's a regular event it would be great to pick up food from one of the restaurants along Mulberry Street and have a picnic in the park, listen to the music and rest our feet.

    Is it takeout or takeaway or carryout in New York?

    Bangkok Center Grocery
    104 Mosco St, New York, NY 10013